Why Product Packaging Tests and Surveys are Important

A selection of packaged goods

If you have a product being sold online or in brick-and-mortar shops, it is crucial to have its packaging tested first before officially releasing it out in the market. Why? Because packaging greatly provides consumers a perception if your product is fresh or old, reliable, valuable, and other qualities that they are looking for. Packaging gives people clues on what they can find inside especially if it aligns with their wants, needs, and interests. It makes them curious and could be a factor for buying your product. Hence, explore the risks and concepts on why having the right product packaging is crucial.

Packaging Survey

Regardless what product you are trying to sell on the market, packaging is vital, and it can be a subject to confusion if it is somewhat similar with your competitor. Another risk is low appeal and does not draw attention to the target market. Unintended messaging can also present misleading value or promise of the product. So the right message in your packaging is really important because it says a lot about your product. Fine print on your package wouldn’t really work as consumers are busy, and most of them will just grab on something that catches their eye. So to make a positive impression, testing and surveying about your product packaging can assist you in achieving your marketing goals.

Packaging Satisfaction


Consumer Testing

There are concepts when you are involved in designing packaging, so testing your package to determine the reaction of your target market is appropriate.

Testing Actual Product Packages

Product packaging research and personal testing is ideal. Or choose online surveys to visually display your brand’s packaging options to acquire feedback from consumers. The survey questions should test how the packaging implies the messages and values, such as:

  • Primary preference. For instance in your survey, you can indicate “At first view of the photos, please provide a rating for each of the following packaging designs with 5-point scale for the most appealing, interesting or desirable, 4-point scale for more appealing, so on and so forth.”
  • In your survey, you can also cite “Please provide a rating on the attractiveness of the packaging designs with a 5-point scale for very attractive to 1-point scale for very unattractive, etc.
  • With regard to distinctiveness or uniqueness, you can indicate “Please give a rate for the uniqueness of the packaging designs with a 5-point scale for very unique to 1-point scale for very ordinary.

A selection of packaged goods


Before designing, see the packaging design of your competitors and determine what types and materials they are using. See to it too if they are doing anything innovative. How their packaging changed over the years, the package shapes, the use of sustainable materials, and other factors you can find in it.

Packaging Research

Give sufficient time and research in coming up with the best packaging. It’s important that you draw the attention of your consumers not only in terms of product quality but most of all to your packaging to  maximize your return on investment.