What’s about packaging in water bottles?


One of widely used consumer product in the world is bottled water or mineral water. It is available in different sizes and available in almost every superstore, café, restaurants and juice corners. Most of the time, it is kept in the commercial refrigerators or deep freezers with other items like energy drinks and juices etc.

Almost all of the mineral water bottles are made up of disposable plastics having a unique and simple shape. The latest bottle packages are modified into a bit advanced shape having designed lines and contours. The shape of the mineral water bottle has the eye-catching ability which can develop the interest of the consumer to buy it.

Although, the latest opaque bottle designs made up of aluminum from the inside and paper cover from the outer side is a trending one yet they are unable to give the sense of purity and freshness. The transparent crystal bottles on the other side are covering this very aspect of attraction for the consumers. It gives the sense of freshness, purity and nature which are the very critical aspects of water always noticed.

Fresh water is a blessing. Normally, the bottle water packaging is kept transparent but it is also available in colored bottles. The choice of colors is not random like other things but in fact the ones which give a clear visual of the liquid inside it. Most of the bottle packaging manufacturing companies use the blue shades which can be seen when the light falls on the bottle or water. This special appearance enhances the purity and freshness of the water much more.


The label or tag of the bottle packaging also plays a vital role in the determination of the qualitative nature of the water. The tag or label is not wrapped entirely around the bottle as it may hide the panels of the bottle which eventually can cause almost zero visibility of the water. This is where the confidence level and trust of the consumer is ruined, therefore, during the bottle packaging, it must be kept in mind that covering the entire area can lead to the decrease in the sale as the consumer is unable to see the water inside it.

The packaging material used for the water bottles is not an ordinary plastic material. The latest water packaging bottles are made with the usage of fewer polymers or resin per package. These bottles are easily recyclable and environmental friendly thus the consumers feel satisfaction with its usage. Other water packaging includes the flexible pouches which are also made by keeping the environmental aspects in mind with the lesser number of resin per package. These parameters not only serves as being environmental friendly but also is the cause of increasing sustainability of the package. Keeping the water fully protected, fresh and pure along with saving the natural environment is what makes it the ideal and suitable choice for water bottle packaging.

  • Hans Henrik Olsen

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