Ways to Pack a Book Like a Pro

Packaged Books

Although books are not very fragile items, they still need to be properly packed to make sure that they do not have any damage once being transported. For paperback or softcover books, butcher papers and adhesive tapes are not sufficient; likewise for hardbound books, padded envelopes are not enough to secure the item. On the other hand, it is not difficult to learn how to pack a book the right way because there are certain tricks for it to arrive in the same condition as they were shipped or transported. By using the right packaging materials and applying proper precautions, your books will turn up with no damage at all. Here are the different ways on how to pack a book carefully.

  1. Take off the dirt and marks in the book cover. Gently use an eraser to take away some smudges if the cover of the book is uncoated paper. But if the dust jacket is glossy, remove stray marks and dirt by by spraying a small amount of hard-surface cleaner and using a paper towel to gently wipe the cover. But be wary about not to put a cleaner on the book’s pages. Otherwise, use a slightly damp cloth to clean it. Let the item dry out before packaging.

How to packaging a book

  1. Secure the package from moisture. After cleaning and drying up the cover, wrap the book in a plastic. Plastic sleeves from newspapers are the usual size for most books. After placing it in plastic, fold over the top of the plastic, and seal it carefully with packaging tape but don’t overtape; use enough tape down to the edges. For additional protection, wrap the book in bubble wrap.
  1. Use padded envelope for paperback book. Paperbacks don’t have overhanging covers and exposed corners unlike hardbacks, so it makes it better to travel with envelopes. But if the item has sentimental value, a box is the best packaging to use.
  1. Utilize a box that is bigger than the object. Use a quality cardboard box larger than the hardback book.
  1. Freshen up a reused box. If you are using a recycled box for packaging a book, ensure that it should look nice and clean once the recipient receives the item.
  1. Secure your books by taping the bottom. Fold the side flaps in, close the large flaps so they will meet, and fasten the seam with strapping or packaging tape. To make your box more secure and in better shape, tape the flaps of the package.

Packaged Books

  1. Wrap multiple layers of plastic bubble wrap. You can put empty spaces around the item with more materials. Or put the book firmly in the middle of the container to avoid it to slide around.
  1. Check if the book will shift. After done packing, close the flaps, do not seal it yet, shake the box, and listen if you can hear any movement. If it will move, insert more packaging materials until the container is appropriately packed just to keep away any movement within. More secure packing items mean more protection for your book from any further damage regardless of how it is being handling.