Top Packaging Failures


We all have that one brand that we love most when it comes to our basic necessities. A brand that we patronize because of its quality, pricing, or key benefit. No matter what brand is this, notice that they all invest on one thing—this is packaging. Packaging design is one of the most intricate details of Marketing, as this in itself, is a crucial tool in communicating brand messaging and in securing sales for the business. Every bottle or jar in the grocery shelves should speak of persuasion and encouragement to ensure product purchase and loyalty.

Cans Packaging

Through time, you have seen brands that have successfully created packaging designs that have been the imaging of the brand for years. Some designs have withstood the challenges of the continuously evolving market. However, there are also some packaging designs that serve as bad samples in the industry. Some were already removed from the market, while some have been continuous testimonies of how packaging design should not be done.

Here are some of the packaging fails in the history of the industry:

  • This happens when the materials of the packaging are transferred to the product. Its common identifiers include off specification in product’s color and odor, as well as particulates or other odd visual indicators. This is usually caused by incompatible material selection, poor material quality, improper storage, or challenge in logistics. This failure in packaging usually happens with food products where consumers would usually notice off spec that can lead to a change in taste or deviation of product quality.
  • This happens when the packaging materials are contaminated, and where consumers would usually notice off color and off odor components. Causes would be using contaminated raw materials or a deviation in the production line process.
  • Sealing failures. This happens when the packaging fails to keep the product sealed for protection and for freshness. Consumers would usually experience leaking and premature opening, which is usually caused by failure in the adhesive or materials used.
  • Physical defects. This failure is evident among bottles, jars, or boxes with physical holes and peeling that are caused by poor selection of raw materials and some challenges during the packaging.
  • Label failures. Some product labels appear to be off spec such that some have poor color and image resolution, while some would even peel off easily. One of the most evident causes of label failure is the adhesive failure. Material contamination can also affect the label.

Bottle Packaging Label

These are the most common packaging failures that you encounter from retail. If you are in from the business side, it is best to research on which brands have been using the same packaging design for years, and which ones of them have been able to use innovation to their advantage. Remember that you need to understand your consumer above anything else because as much as it is good to be creative and innovative, a packaging design that you consider dated may be closely tied to your audience’s concept of your brand identity, and changing the wrong thing can affect your relationship with your consumer in a negative way.