Tips on Boosting Your Creative Packaging Design Skills

Using Symbols in Packaging

Packaging is highly important in any business because it’s the first thing customers see before they open or use your finished product. Thus, an impressive packaging design matters because it will definitely give a positive impression to your business. If you want to come up with your own packaging design, there are certain tools and features you need to consider downloading for free or for a fee.

Check out these expert tips to boost your workflow and have a successful  packaging design for your valuable business.

Utilizing Approved Cutter Guides

In order to design the packaging, ensure that you have the right specifications from the offset and do not start a packaging task without the complete information to avoid problems to come up in the future. Get the cutter guide or die-line that’s the right size, has folds, specific trim, glue or seal areas, and where the barcode should be printed.

Getting Approval

If you are doing your own guide, make sure that your business partner or your client know the specs and have it approved to them before working. Ensure that it is feasible and do not commence the designing task until your detailed specs are approved. Avoid possible changes or cutter guide discrepancy for efficient workflow.

3D Revolve Tool

To visualize your packaging designs, opt for Illustrator’s 3D Revolve tool.

  1. Use the Bezier Pen Tool
  2. Make a profile of your product’s shape
  3. Click Effect > 3D > Revolve
  4. Check Preview to see how Illustrator makes a 3D object
  5. Select shading or use the dropdown in the dialog
  6. Use Wireframe to obtain the best product shape. Illustrator's 3D Revolve tool.

Using Symbols

Symbols in Illustrator can wisely help you reuse your design quickly several times without copying all paths.

  1. Remove all Symbols in the panel
  2. Make a Symbol instance
  3. Choose your design
  4. Drag it into the Symbols panel (Window > Symbols)
  5. Add many Symbols (logo designs or individual elements for different packaging)
  6. Proceed to flyout menu in the Symbols panel
  7. Select Save Symbol Library.

Using Symbols in Packaging

Map Symbols to 3D Objects

If you want to know what your final package will look like, utilise excellent Map Symbols.

  1. Convert your label into a Symbol
  2. Go back to your 3D object (Effect > 3D > Revolve)
  3. Select Map Art
  4. Using the arrows atop the dialog, choose a surface to map your Symbol
  5. Select your Symbol and click Preview
  6. Position and scale using the handles to view your design


To save various documents for each design, Artboards by Illustrator is an excellent feature to use because it allows you to made various cutter guides for any packaging types and you can use Illustrator artwork to maintain overall design consistency.

Package in Illustrator

The Package command available in Illustrator CS6 and CC allows you to pull together all the related fonts and images of your file. Opt for Scoop if you are using CS5 or below or choose plug-ins on the Worker 72a solutions.

There are more tools that will help you develop your packaging skills or if you want to obtain an efficient and catchy packaging design for your business, there are trusted experts who are willing to help.