Three Gorgeously Creative Packaging For Perfumes

BMW Packaging

Perfumes are timeless but packaging designs get more and more creative and unconventional. In fact, there are definitely people who start buying perfumes more for their design than the scent itself. Whatever draws one to a certain type of perfume, the age of perfumery has certainly never been this golden and never this sweet-smelling.

BMW Perfume

Now you can feel like luxury with just a few sprays. Who said top of the line car brands can’t produce their own scents too? The packaging very well represents the brand with a design that resembles a stirring wheel. This scent might just take you to places.

BMW Packaging















The Scent of Astrology

Perhaps nobody was able to predict this beautifully designed perfume that made use of sharp geometric shapes to package several bottles into one sleek design. This perfume line was obviously inspired by the stories of the stars and daily prophecies. Scents definitely bring people good luck.

Astrology Packaging


















Zen Perfume

This perfume line comes in amazing design packaging that adopts the elements of calm, nature, and well, Zen. It is eye catching, unique and could double as a décor too. One might actually find it surprising that this creative design is actually mean to be sprayed on.


Packaging Zen