The Value of Packaging Customization

cocacola customization

One of the most important trends in marketing assures that product customization is one of the most important changes in the consumer behavior. In the last years, clients have been demanding new and personal products. Besides, social networks help them to share activities and conducts. And one of the most attractive things they want to share with friends and relatives are their creations.

There is no doubt that customized products attract people. They make clients feel the product is built only for them and they participate in its construction.

But, what happened when the product can´t be customized because it belongs to Fast-moving consumers good? Packaging can be the answer.

Companies find out the value of letting consumers create their own products. The idea is simple but hard to achieve: allow clients to personalize their own and unique product. The benefits of offering customization are clients more satisfied and, therefore, more loyalty.

“Share a Coke” Experience

Last year, the “Share a Coke” campaign had a massive success and went viral very fast. The idea was original and brilliant. You see a Coke’s can but, instead of the usual name “Coke”, you see your name. The brand used popular first name and placed the cans and bottle into the shelves of any market and drugstore.

It started in Australia, in 2011, and peaked over the world last year. And the crusade didn´t stop there. The brand, associated with a Mexican agency “Anónimo”, launched a campaign whit names in Braille. The reactions of this initiative were really positive to customers. The companie takes care of blind people and integrated them into the program. Customers like this kind of concerning attitudes.

After such success, there is no surprise that Coke brings its hit back this year on July. And it will be a bigger one; the company will extend the plan and will include more names (it said that it will triple the list) and will add colloquial phrases, like “Hero”, “Sis” “Family” or “Superstar”. Also, “Share a Coke” packaging will extend to glass and aluminum bottles, and the firm creates a website ( to allow consumers to customize their own glass bottle and buy it.

Lay’s Potato Chip Bags

lays pacakaging


On the other size, Pepsi Co´s Lays brand is launching a program in which people can create custom bags by uploading a personal picture and phrase showing their “favorite summer moment.”

The company will then use the digital design to create real bags and ship them to the consumer. The principal difference with the Coke´s experience is that the brand is putting the client in charge of the creation and design. After that, it will send a digital image to the consumer, hoping the user will share it on social networks.

In a different plan, the company is creating special bags with designs made from ultraviolet ink that change when they are exposed to sunlight. Have you ever imagined you can put your favorite holiday picture in a potato pack that changes their color when you are resting on the beach?

Custom and unique packaging programs have emerged to stay for long time.