The Value of Creatively Packaged Toys

Hippo Toy Packaging

Regardless of the merchandise, a manufacturer’s end goal when it comes to retail stores is to stand out. That is especially so if the product is very competitive such as toys, games or gadgets.

Of course, the product in itself should be of topnotch quality to be considered in the first place. Features are often the angle that is capitalized in visual advertisements. But, the other important thing that catches potential customers’ attention within a store is the packaging. That does not just involve color schemes, shapes, font styles and whatnot, but also the actual shape and size of the box or container that houses the product. This is something all manufacturers should consider as not many games or toys to date have that sort of iconic packaging that inspires purchase.

Hippo Toy Packaging

According to a packaging expert, game and toy buyers see a product either as a consumable plaything, which is more common, or a collectible. In either case, buyers are increasingly realizing the importance of premium packaging. Nowadays, toys are not just slipped into a disposable box taped on both ends. Most are now housed in creatively decorated metal cans, die cut PVC material, or heavy-duty cardboards. This is coupled with high resolution printing, imprinting or embossing depending on the manufacturer’s preference.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who has started to venture into the manufacture of toys or games, or a designer specializing in packaging, it is worth noting that you only have one shot to make a good impression from the shelf.  Here are two useful tips to give your product a unique advantage, and make sure your revenue is maximized.

Be Visual

Remember that you are talking to kids who are a fan of the bright and colorful. Actually, even if your product is geared towards the older segment like video games, you still need to visualize what consumers can expect from it. A powerful illustration, the toy or game title and a brief description are mandatories. Have a big title and a snappy one-liner, but don’t include any more text than these. The intention is not to completely explain what the product is all about, but just get potential buyers curious and pull it off of the shelf. Overall, keep your design simple and uncluttered.

In terms of color, as much as possible, avoid neutrals and focus on more on the primaries for a more eye-catching effect.

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Size Strategically

Design your packaging in such as a way that it has a similar size with those of other toys or games within your theme. Retailers have the tendency to arrange similar sized merchandise together for a tidier look and to save space. This is also a way for you to gauge how your product fares in comparison to others.

If you’re considering small tuck boxes, think twice because these are easiest to shoplift as they fit in regular pockets. Retailers might also be forced to group it with similarly packaged goods even if they are not within the same theme.