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The food’s industries are always looking for better packaging. They need constant changes on how they present their products. Apart from making healthier and improved products they are seeking an intelligent package that preserves the product, maintain their qualities, easy to open, attractive to their consumers and sustainable.

BoPP film (abbreviation of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is a recent technology that presents a lot of qualities that are required by the food packaging. They are recyclable and it has excellent clarity and transparence. It can be easy printed and labeled. For those reasons, BoPP film has become one of the most popular barrier films in the world.


Meeting Extendo

meeting extendo

Extendo is an innovative BoPP barrier film company, recently established by Taghleef Industries, one of the largest manufacturers of BoPP films in the world. Extendo offers a high and developed BoPP film packaging. Their high-tech films are thin and tough barriers that prevent emanation of gas and water vapors food to escape. They are a remarkably high barrier against mineral oil, as well. These characteristics make a perfect package for the food industries.


Also, they are a “green” and sustainability product and committed with the environment because the company has reduced the covering waste and they can be easily recycled. The brand has a highest standard of sustainable packaging products and processes throughout the entire supply sequence.



Other feature that characterizes their products is that they are easy to print and simple to label. This makes it very competitive in the market because they can be adapted to any design. Besides, they present three different options: transparent, white or metalized, giving the manufactures a lot of options and combination to design their own product simply, easily and fast. Also, their structure prevent on surface damage.


In the production of the films, Extendo employs highly innovative technological methods and procedures that make possible to elaborate films that are extremely thin, healthy and tough, with an efficient gas and water vapor barriers.

Freshness and conservation

Preserving the freshness is one of the most important features in food packaging. These high-tech films barriers preserve food from outside contamination and maintain the essential characteristics of the product, like aroma and taste. The company also improved the product shelf life, extending the expiration date, a key attribute for manufacturers and consumers.

The BoPP film made by Extendo can also be used in packaging any kind of food, like cereals, meat, cheese, coffe, snacks, fresh pasta, and so on. Besides, they can be easily opened for their users and, according to the trend in clear labeling, consumers can also see what it is inside the package.

In addition, these kinds of products are suitable to package medicine and drugs in the area of medical technology.

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