The Recent Innovation of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Packaging

Lipton Tea Packaging

Packaging has a very important role in protecting and extending the shelf life of non-alcoholic beverages, and it is widely categorized in different package types such as bottles, cans, cartons, pouches, and so on. Because of this, the beverage packaging market is predicted to boost in the coming years.


By choosing the right packaging types, it can definitely help preserve the taste of non-alcoholic drinks and prevent unwanted chemical reactions that can possibly endanger the health of the consumers. Thus, using efficient packaging is crucial for every type of drink.


The Sixer

This is an innovative, portable, and lightweight package that has gained the attenton of consumers. Introduced by Coke last October, the 6-pack of 12 ounce cans in a slim cardboard package can be displayed vertically or horizontally in  stores or retail shops. This compact packaging offers opportunity for convenience and retail stores to boost their sales.


Aseptic Cartons


Aseptic packaging is seen to stand out in the future because it replaces round bottles, and it offers benefits such as shelf impact since it has a flat front panel. It can also withstand in non-refrigerated trucks; it is space efficient and safe because its caps are sealed well after filling and offers extended shelf life that minimize waste for customers to consume the product before its spoilage.


Foil-Wrapped Packs

This packaging is introduced by Lipton, and instead of using the individually white tea bags, consumers can opt for the foil packs that resemble gold bullion bars. This stay-fresh type of packaging connects with the label’s famous tagline “Brighten your day with Lipton tea.”

Lipton Tea Packaging

PET Sports Drink Bottles

This packaging type is suitable for hypotonic sports drinks that transform the previous cold-fill container into a stand-alone package. This packaging is aggressive, sporty, modern, and it has an improved grip, contact points, and aggressive style. The containers are available in 350 and 500-mL sizes with texture that resemble any sports apparel and footwear.

Pure-Pak Carton

These are redesigned cartons that integrate environmental profile and convenience. The materials of these types of packaging utilize biobased low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Tetra Pak is one  company  that is known for this packaging type, and it aspires to make the first carton that is purely plant-based and will be commercially available this year. On the other hand, another company, Elopak, features certified renewable polyethylene (PE) beverage cartons that have renewable coating.

renewable coating


This patent-pending aluminum beverage packaging has patterns that are customizable. XanCan can be recycled and ideal for any types of beverages from soft drinks, energy drinks, and iced teas.

Thermally Insulated Packaging

This packaging type is perfect for all-natural organics, vegetables, fruits and herbal juices. The concept of its label design is clean and simple with bottle specifications that are 17-oz PET juice bottle. The clearness of the bottle aids consumers in identifying the type of juice they are drinking.


These packaging forms have polypropylene (PP) dispensing lids. Its package can be sealed in colorful full-body shrink label. These Mocktails are packed in 21-ounce cocktail shakers that contain 18 ounce beverage or four servings. To use this, open the bottle, add ice, apply the shaker top, and shakes to make it cool, then serve.