Good Packaging – The Eye Appeal That Attracts Consumers

Packaging Design
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There is no doubt here. It is all black and white. No one can say there’s no truth to this. We all are consumers, and yes, good packaging is a huge part of our defining factor to purchase a product or not, no matter what the cost is, even if we haven’t heard any good feedbacks yet. As Karen Saunders repeatedly said in her book, “turn eye appeal into buy appeal”. Indeed, visual marketing is what gets modern consumers today. How and why, you asked? Read on.

Why eye appeal count so much?

Consumers are into visual stimulation. Sight is the second most powerful of the five senses, next to the sense of smell. So when you can’t get your potential customers to smell your products (just because circumstances won’t let you), then you should seriously take into consideration stimulating the eyes instead. People long for advanced colors and detailed graphics. Looking back at the old-time product packaging, you can’t deny the fact that people crave for a more sophisticated packaging. Thanks to hi-tech graphic editors, any businesses can achieve this.

The power of advanced colors in packaging

Colors play a huge part in your overall marketing schemes. And it even plays a much bigger role when you are advertising online. In the physical store, you get at least 5 minutes to have a customer attract to your product through its packaging. But in the online world, you only get a maximum of 5 seconds. So make sure to use the right colors that are eye-captivating and are relevant to what you are offering.

Colors also have their own innate meaning and capacity to attract customers. They encourage different feelings such as excitement, trust, happiness, spirituality, calmness, strength, and reassurance. Colors are interesting, and you should know how to use them wisely in your product.

Security in packaging

One of the reasons why companies put so much money and study on the packaging design is to give the product security from spoilage and accidents when storing or shipping the items. Aside from aesthetic purposes, packaging must also offer practicality, convenience, and protection. Depending on your product, you must choose a packaging material that will secure the item from anything that could spoil or ruin it. Be it bottle, can, paper, or plastic, make sure that the material can protect the product from rotting and tempering.


Like colors, your use of font style affects what consumers will pick in the store. It can also make or break the buyer’s decision to choose your product or not. While it is important to pick unique and eye-attracting fonts, you must also consider if it is readable; because if it’s not, chances are that you will not get any sales at all since no one will ever understand what is written on your brand packaging. There’s no point in trying to make it attractive and putting thousands of dollars into it.

So what makes a good packaging? Summing up the pointers listed in this article, a winning packaging must offer eye-stimulation, protection, simplicity, and it must avoid design distraction. Make it aesthetically lovely and relevant, but don’t make it to a point where consumers are starting to get confused with your packaging—leading to not getting sales at all.