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B & O PLAY. Headphones

The business of technological devices is maybe the fastest growing market in the last years.  Hundreds of new gadgets appear monthly. Consumers have already started to talk about 4G and companies are speculating about 5G. Today, everything is “smart”, everything is 360 grades and everything has abbreviation that consumers hardly could understand. Technology has been developing in all aspects in order to satisfy client’s demands and necessities.

Technological brands have soon noticed that design on devices is so importance as the needed covered or the utility of the gadget. Apple is maybe the best example of that premise. One of its most successful products happened when they transform a boring MP3 into a piece of art design called IPOD. And when a brand has a gorgeously product, great packaging design is a must.

Here are some great packaging ideas that complement cute technological devices.

Apple’s New Watches Packaging

Apple's New Watches Packaging

Shall we start with Apple and the last gadget it launched on the market: Apple Sport and Apple Watch, its newest two smartwatches.

As every new Apple release, the brand from Silicon Valley, hides the final box and keeps it secretly until launching day. The Apple packaging for the Apple Sport and Apple Watch comes in its own unique design, sharing common themes but in a different shape. Apple also puts a huge focus on the “step-by-step” cadence as the box is opened. They combined innovation, rugged protection and elegant simplicity “all-in- one” design solution.

Apple Sport Watch’s box is a long rectangular that looked a little big for a small watch, when the company is quite space efficient. The form is solid as a brick as much manufacturing order as the product inside.

Apple Watch’s box refers more suitable on scaling than the Sport and it has the same outside box material, but in a smaller and square format. The main difference is how the watch is presented.



The Digital Camera Lytro Illum is package on an environmentally friendly box specifically designed for the machine. A mysterious black box highlighted with geometric patterns opens to reveal the camera inside. The packaging is a kind of triptych that serves to locate the additional accessories included. The box has a special and unique open design with side panel that can be hide wherever it’s needed.

Google- Be Green Packaging – HP “Chromebook”

 Google- Be Green Packaging - HP “Chromebook”


Google relaunches the latest edition of the “Chromebook” laptop in a custom designed on plant fiber tray, a technique that was developed by Be Green Packaging.

The “Chromebook” is a minimalist box whose main purpose is to protect and display simplicity and distinctiveness, embracing the concept of being eco-friendly.

The new plant fiber packaging’s technology uses by Be Green Packaging has a whole range of design capabilities based on “tree-free”. The fibers are rapidly renewable and grow in many parts of the world; unlike trees which take years to develop and mature and are being cut down faster than they can be reforesting.

B & O PLAY. Headphones

B & O PLAY. Headphones

Hello Monday designed this package for headphones of B & O PLAY, a Brand of the well known Hi-Fi producer Bang & Olufsen, to attract an audience that is concerned on music and technology and also cares about fashion. The packaging is in tune with the Hi Fi definition of the headphone category. The package is intuitive and well design as it deserves the product itself.