Tech Packaging That Adds Value to Your Product.

iPhone Packaging

Let’s face it, when it comes to packaging, Apple’s approach to their product delivery usually hits the spot. Aside from protecting the device, it enhances the brand experience and even acts as a distinctive marker for anyone who sees their boxes—even from a distance.

Apple from a mile away

Just take a look at how their package adds to the classic, minimalistic aesthetic of Apple’s core design values. While Tim Cook sure has done a lot to Apple’s line of iOS devices, the packaging remains fairly the same—reflective and distinctive.

iPhone Packaging

Music Notes for your ears

Another example of how clever packaging can become a large part of the reason your device or accessory is popular in the market. Just take a look at these Panasonic earphones.

While they function just like any other set or earphones and possibly at lower quality compared to some similar-priced earphones, the way they are presented in the package shows cleverness and makes buyers understand that design is just as important as function.

Tech Packaging

Panasonic’s Music Note earphones appeal to tech users who want their providers to be clever and interested in functional and creative design. Not everyone can shell out almost $100 for a Skull Candy headset—so how do you distinguish yourself from the pack of lower-priced earphone providers? Present a good product wrapped in a package so awesome and clever, appreciating the design is part of the brand experience.

Function, value and design

Another way that packaging can add value to your product is if the creative way the product is presented can give you more functions aside from protecting the device or accessory before it is bought and opened. Apple understands that people are willing to pay for premium devices with functional wrapping if it’s designed well.

Headphones Packaging

Take a look at their simple and compact container for their standard set of earphones. The case is cheap and sturdy thanks to how they designed the earphones to wrap around the object.

So how do you develop your own clever and creative package that can add value and function to your product?

Essentially, you want to use plastic or other material that’s cheap but can be toughened with a compact design. Don’t hesitate to use cardboard—if your buyer likes it, they’ll use it until it disintegrates.

Clever packages send a message to buyers. This can be a joke, a clever pun or a solid commitment to intelligent design. More often than not, you can find the right way to present your product right within your brand statement or message. Develop a design that reflects your brand and target market.

Design packaging that appeals to your chosen demographic. If you want younger buyers to be your brand ambassadors, make sure you follow the trends. If you want older users to get your products, make sure you stick to classic designs that appeal to their tastes instead of the current trends.

In the end, gadgets and other tech products need clever design and packaging to set them apart from the sea of competition. Take a leaf out of Apple’s book and create a distinctive look or create something that adds value and function.