Tea is not only a British matter.


The Brittish are always arguing about the best way to make tea but what is the best packaging for tea? Taste is maybe the most important factor in tea a consumers’ choice, but a creative packaging design will attract curious buyers and elegant people who want to impress their guests.

Tea packaging is the secret not only to store the quality of its particular flavor but also to persuade clients to buy one of the most popular hot drinks in the world with constant changing taste moods.

Also, an outstanding design could be the answer of a perfect gift to thousand fans of this beverage.

Here are some modern and clever ideas and concepts that could inspires tea companies to seduce their clients in a competitive market world

Butterfly Tea

Butterfly Tea

Design by Yenna Lee, this gorgeous butterfly design leave a spring color effect onto your cup while yours hot drink are making. A simply and delight quote of decoration that incorporate a touch of glamour into the tea table ambient. It looks like a perfect design to create a special moment and to provide an original quote of personality.

Christmas Concept (Design by Kresimir Miloloza)



Christmast Tea Packaging
Christmast Tea Packaging by Kresimir Miloloza

Drinking tea could take place in a lot of rooms and situations. Sometimes, tea´s moment gathers people and the idea of this product is to generate a tea space with a friend or a relative you care about. Not only to use in Christmas, you sure always have some good excuse to share something with somebody.

T tea packaging  (Design by Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle)

T Tea Packaging

A perfect gift to a perfect tea´s fan. This package is a simple box based on triangle shapes. When it opens show a several color lines of teabags made of fine paper package elegantly closed. A delicate and ingenious design that would be an original present.



The Design Studio from Honk Kong, BLOW, has based this design on origami forms with astrobrights paper by Polytrade (a very well known paper corporation settled in Honk Kong since 1977) and it has created beautiful boxes to store tea bags. Another great idea for a present.



This traditional Chinese brand, known by his high quality and organically grown selves, creates a new packaging for its new four flavor teas.

The studio’s design, Victor Design, used a dark bottom surface to print bright and contemporary colors, adding an accurate seeds image of the kind of tea.

Modern techniques and tradition skills are stamped in the design, an excellent combination to express what they want of its product.

The hanger Tea

The Hanger Tea

Designed by Soon Mo Kang, this mini tea closet is a clever and original idea which combines a common place of our home with the design of a teabag. Sure will take a smile to more than one client and they will probably give the product an opportunity to taste it.



This packaging design perfectly communicates the pure idea of the product by using minimalistic shapes and soft colors. A clear example how you can express concepts of your brand using an appropriate design.