Sustainable Packaging for Snacks and Desserts

Snack Packaging

Everyone craves for snacks and sweets every once in a while. While the go to brands are always on the shelves for the taking, people are also looking for something new to try out. Both established and startup brands are competing in this dimension by introducing fun eats geared towards specific age segments. What’s good news is that more and more healthy varieties are being offered at competitive prices. Regardless of the market, nevertheless, packaging is a powerful way to capture attention. In fact, studies show that eighty percent of the time, unique and amusing packaging designs make people act on impulse and grab hold of a product.

Snack Packaging

People are used to seeing snacks and sweets in easy-tear foil packs. Often, the only differentiating factors are the names, illustrations and colors. This is probably because of the fact that retail stores group same size goods together, and manufacturers make sure they get a share of eyeballs where the competition is. Although this is the case, though, some innovator brands have already explored other packaging options to make their products stand out. Snacks now come in disposable paper tumblers, boxes and uniquely shaped containers relative to the market segments they serve. Some now even come with bows and strings for easier handling.

Like other industries, however, the snacks and dessert category has also implemented sustainable packaging practices. This is to ensure that manufacturers take part in collective efforts to preserve the environment from which raw materials are sourced. So, if you are a startup entrepreneur who’s venturing into snacks, or any food business for that matter, note that your packaging should comply with rules and regulations set by the governing body in your area. Here are some sustainable foil pack alternatives to guide you in creating an eye-catching yet environment friendly wrap.

Bio Plastics

Unlike chemical based plastics, bio plastics are made from plant starch. These have similar features with conventional ones, so they’re suitable for any kind of product, including snacks and desserts. Contrary to finite chemical based materials that take over a hundred years to degrade, bio plastics just take a year at the maximum. If you plan to sell premium cupcakes, for instance, create your main box with hard carton and cut a window to showcase it. Use bio plastic to cover the window.

Recycled Paper

For products intended for immediate consumption, or those with relatively short shelf life like chips and biscuits, recycled paper is a good choice for container. Not only is this natural and compostable, it is also heat resistant and gives your product an organic vibe. For extra toughness and shine, you can have it coated with biodegradable tin film.

Crunchies Packaging

Bamboo Fiber

Strong and easily sourced, bamboo fiber is becoming a standard renewable resource in the packaging industry. Like plastic, bamboo can withstand wears and tears, that’s why it is used to make boat floaters, scaffolds and other things that necessitate durability and strength. Like the usual foil pack, this material can effectively store longer-lasting snacks.