Sustainable Packaging Designs That Will Steal Your Attention


It has been pretty much established by now that going green is the new cool and environmentally friendly innovations are trending for the past years from construction, cosmetics, retail and sports to toys, food, cars, among others. People have creatively come up with ways to create remarkable things that serve their aesthetic purpose while being a lot friendlier to the environment.

Sustainable packaging design is in the forefront because almost every product has to have packaging. Moreover, it is the packaging that gets easily thrown out and accumulates into waste that may be harmful in too many ways. But packaging has ingenuously evolved into becoming more earth friendly. Here is a list of some of the cleverest sustainable packaging that not only steal attention but may very well be considered little heroes:

Tied Eco Takeaway

This take-out packaging just took food delivery to a whole new level of delightful convenience. The eco takeaway could carry food, condiments and cutlery so aside from it being environmental friendly, it also offers efficient organization and is definitely handier. Furthermore, the gaps provide insulation to keep the food hot while in transit.

sustainable packaging

Sustain Soap

From its ingredients to its packaging, Sustain Soap is a brand that takes pride in facing environment issues quite seriously. The soaps are made of 100% sustainable palm oil, making the natural habitat of various monkey species undisturbed, explaining the packaging design. It contains helpful information and “eco-advice” and bluntly condemns environmental irresponsibility by using the tagline “wash your hands of unsustainable palm oil”, referring to common soaps and cleansers.

sustain soap

Mug Pub

Feel guilty about the calories and regret the hangover the morning after but at least these beers come in an awesome cardboard packaging designed by Ivan Maximov. Mug Pub is a brand that originated in Moscow and just shown the world that beer bottles could easily become a thing of the past.

mug packaging


W- Bags

Designed by Ma Xiaohua, Zhu Qingxiang, Wan Ke and Professor Guo Xing, this W bag is perfect for munchies especially nuts, melon seeds, and sunflowers seeds. Aside from it being made of paper, the bag is made to offer a lot of convenience. Its two pouch design that may be assembled by folding the original bag in half encourages less littering as one of them can be used to discard unwanted shells and the like.


Willow & Sage Organic Gelato

Gelatos never looked this Pinterest worthy. Willow & Sage has been a producer of leading healthy goods of high quality and high taste buds ratings. The packaging is made of natural materials. The lid is made of smoothened wood and so is the adorable spoon, which is very much recyclable. It comes along with each tub of yummy goodness that comes in many flavors. To add to the organic and natural look of these frozen heaven, the brand used a handwritten typeface. The tubs could make for a great accessories holder, an office supplies holder or simply a nice touch to an empty desk.