Starting Your Packaging Business the Right Way


People love celebrating—birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary—every season calls for gift-giving. Receiving a gift from a loved one is one of the most precious part of the celebration while giving a gift is also one of the most important highlights of any occasion. A gift is usually something that is well thought of. It can be a personalized item, a handmade product, or a much aspired for product. However, a gift is not as special as you want it to be when you do not have an attractive packaging.


The packaging industry is undeniably a competitive one. Everyone needs something to carry their personal or commercial products—boxes, bottles, jars, cans, or bags. These forms of packaging are in demand in the market today as more products are being offered to consumers today. If you want to start you own packaging business, you should first consider your target market. How do you envision them to display their products—with very little space in their store. Packaging includes both the size and shape factors, as well as the labels and handles. In a nutshell, entering the packaging world can be rewarding because of market expansion but you need to be more mindful of even the smallest details. To guide you in your start-up business, here are the basic tools you can use:

  1. Create a robust business plan. Your business plan is one of the most important starting points of your packaging You need to identify which equipment you will need, the type of packaging service, your available financial resources, and the number of employees that you need. This will give you a sight of your plan’s feasibility. You also need to decide on which packaging industry you want to venture on—it can be on food packaging or basic product packaging. You can also choose to do specialized packaging where you can supply insulated shipping boxers, containers, or gel packs.
  1. Get the best packaging suppliers on board. You can find wholesale suppliers of packaging goods which offer good rates. This will help you strengthen your business as you will be able to minimize costs when you have cost efficient materials that you can utilize for your packaging projects.
  1. Ensure that you have the complete equipment for the start up business. While every business may vary in specialization, you will need the following basic materials:
  • Boxes
  • Mailers
  • Plastic wrap
  • Foam packing peanuts
  • Shipping labels
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors/cutters
  • Tapes
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Credit card processing equipment
  • Cash register
  • Dollies
  1. Create a work order template form. This should reflect your client’s needs based on his preferred packaging The business form should also include all the limitations on liabilities as the packaging service provider. Remember that the packaging industry should cover the possibility of being charged of damaged goods. These conditions should be included in the contract and should state the details of the project.

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Starting your own packaging business can be challenging at some point, but being able too provide your clients with a good packaging will provide them guaranteed customer satisfaction.