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Pharmacies often give little to no value to their packagings ─ little more than waste recycling. But smart packagings could be the future of healthcare.


When was the last time you cared about a pharmaceutical packaging? Chances are, you’ve never done ─ because, well, the crucial stuff it’s on the inside. When you think about it’s, isn’t it strange how little attention has pharmaceutical packaging received, given its importance in health and medication?

Lately, though, some changes have started to take place, such as the adoption of smart technologies. Possibilities are endless, from primary interaction windows between customers, brands and pharmacists, to new communication channels designed for help and education. Advanced retail display packagings, such as Menasha Packaging‘s PharmaTailing™, are taking advantage of a seemingly untethered field of the market.

Paul Murphy, Senior Director of Retail Sales and New Business Development at Menasha, described the PharmaTailing™ to Packaging World as “both a product and a service”. Using the company’s smart display beacon-enabled merchandising platform, customers and pharmacists will be able to stay in touch, educate, and be educated about their medicines.

From the economic standpoint, the new media’s opportunities, as described by Murphy, are as follows:

[quote style=”boxed”]“We are able to help CPG companies and healthcare retailers market, display, and merchandise product groupings that encourage multiple product purchases, increasing sales for the both the retailer and the CPG.”[/quote]

But that’s just the market advantages. Much more important, (for all the agents involved), are the health benefits of this new medium:

[quote style=”boxed”]“In the new retail health care path to purchase (…) pharmacists have the greatest amount of interaction with patients and, according to the American Pharmacist Association, seventy-nine percent of patients follow product recommendations from their pharmacists. Based on this logic, Menasha built PharmaTailing to put the pharmacist at the core of patient care.”[/quote]

In addition to being a great market move, Menasha’s innovation is a brilliant step in healthcare. In a future dominated by smart machines and highly personalized experiences, health could be tailored in response to particular cases, peoples, and diseases.

Symptom management could be much easier if given the opportunity:

[quote style=”boxed”]“When a shopper encounters a smart display they have the option to acquire curated content about their limiting condition and the therapeutic value of the products being displayed to aid in symptom management. The platform also enables the shopper to seamlessly request a pharmacist consult in store.”[/quote]

All of this could well be little more than a preview. A peek at what’s to come: smart packagings, in bright futures, for smart managements, by smart people, for smart people.


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