Small details make a brand great


Taking care of small details is the best way of increasing our clients’ satisfaction, offering them something else than just a product or a service, giving them the possibility of having something much more durable as it is brand experience. Read more…

Today we introduce a good example of this. One of the best-known brands for what regards its products is Tesla. In that respect, every single detail, from the moment a potential client enters one of their shops until they happily receive their car, is really taken care of by the branding department of the company.


Simply is elegant

A demonstration of this can be appreciated with this elegant packaging, designed by CRPKG (Creative Retail Packaging) that contains a pen, with which clients will be signing something very important. The Asian division of the Californian brand has opted for elegance and simplicity in this case, creating a box with magnetic closure, that perfectly combines the black color on the outside with the more passionate red we see once we open it.

Unboxin a brand experience

Small details such as the logo and the car model of the client are drawn on the outside of the box, keeping the dark tones that highlight the sobriety of this packaging.


However, when we open the box emotions start to flourish, that intense red announces that something exciting is about to come. Moreover, a customized brief letter and the simple but elegant pen as a gift, throw in the passion the clients feel while purchasing their vehicle. And that is because for Tesla, their cars are much more than just a vehicle, they are a complete experience that will change the world, yet we should keep in mind that they’re targeted at clients with a high purchasing power.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, an example of how Tesla approaches the small details while always having in mind what we love…packaging!