Four Gorgeously Creative Perfume Packaging.


Perfumes have always been a symbol of beauty and opulence and captivate not only the sense of smell through their pleasant scents but also mesmerize one’s sense of sight through their gorgeous and innovative packaging. Most people have come to be collectors of these lovely things, displaying them immaculately in vanity drawers or elegant cupboards. Here are some of the most creative and prettiest perfume packaging that will make you want to wear them even to sleep.

Tom Ford

Initially a retail brand, Tom Ford has ventured into the industry of perfumery and has since then launched a fragrance line offering elegant and edgy designed perfumes. True to its design aesthetics, Tom Ford consistently releases scents clothed in gorgeous packaging designs that enthrall and surprise.

Tom Ford Packaging































Here’s one awesome perfume design that immediately tells a story. In fact, it is inspired by a story- George Orwell’s famous novel ‘Animal Farm’. This brilliant idea was whipped up by Perfumers Ah & Oh Studio when they launched a series of literature inspired scents. It’s like being able to literally smell and breathe your favorite novel.

Orwell Packaging




















Heidi Klum

Another perfumery evolution is when top celebrities began launching fragrance lines named after themselves. Apart from being lucrative, it is a great marketing and PR strategy and creates a space for these celebrities to offer something for their fan base. Supermodel Heidi Klum has successfully gone this route and her perfume spells elegance, chic and simply super.

Heidi Klum Packaging




















D&AD L Artisan Perfumur

If there is anyone that successfully broke perfume packaging conventions, it is definitely D&AD L Artisan Perfumur. This innovative company never fails to blow minds with their unconventional packaging designs such as this perfume brand that comes in a wooden box and is to be dispensed with a pipette. This idea came from the concept of “bottling emotions” and how emotions are triggered by chemical reactions. Intelligently marvelous.

D&AD L Artisan Perfumur