Selecting the Appropriate Packaging for a Cozy Home and Garden

Packaging for a Garden

Utilising biodegradable packaging material is part of green living, and there are eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products that can be integrated with modern living. However, nowadays, if ready-to-eat meals are the mainstream, planting home-grown fresh produce is a trend too for those who prefer to cook meals at home and avoid buying of processed food. Consumers now are looking into product labels that are stamped as organic or natural and wary of false labels indicated in many food packages. Thus, packaging is crucial for those who opt to have a great indoor garden.

Bonsai Box

This type of box has contemporary design, and it has combined traditions of miniature gardening. Each bonsai packaging has all the homeowners need to grow a real bonsai from seed while sculpting it into a work of art. The kit contains organic growing medium, tree seeds, bonsai scissors, and a recycled steel grow box with lid that inverts when you want to use the saucer.

Carrier Bag Options

These packaging items are durable with wider depth perfect for those who want to buy bulky items for their home or garden. 

Packaging for a Garden

Gardens in a Can

This type uses packaging in a small aluminum can and have features that are simple and good quality. This alternative is hassle-free to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables in your indoor environment. The aluminium cans are designed to put bulbs or seeds, and they convert into tiny flowering vase in a few weeks.

Garden in a Bag

This eco-friendly garden-in-a-bag packaging kits are leak-free pouches that are filled with soil. All you have to do is add the packet of seeds and make sure to water it regularly to harvest fresh produce in the right time. These stand-up pouches can grow herbs, flowers, and fresh fruits. There are dozens of styles to choose from that suit everyone else. So no matter what the size of your countertops or windowsills, it is possible to grow your garden using these packaging items.

Packaging for a plant

Grow Bottle

This is upcycled and consist of sourced and repurposed materials. With the use of hydroponics, these systems allow you to grow fresh herbs indoors. People can reuse the bottles by rinsing off the pebbles, washing the bottle, and providing new plants in the kit.

Pre-Made Pouches

Suitable for plant food, pest control, and so on, these packaging types have ultradurable pouches that can protect your lawn products. Cube and standup formats are the items available. These packaging pouches have patterns that can control moisture and air from coming through.


This is an urban Japanese-inspired indoor gardening that creates miniature landscapes with distinct packaging form. If you open the packaging, you can find the blooming image shown by the package and each pack generates plants and flower shapes on the top. This system enables packaging designs to include products in effective way and offers great visual experience for the owner. The packaging logo and graphic aspects are derived from the hand-drawn sand image of traditional garden of a Japanese. Shizen’s packaging set contains five herb seed types, five tools, two soil types, and wood plant pot panels that enable owners to make their own customized pots.