Reimagining Bottled Water Package Design


It seems like there’s always some new trend or innovative design being used in bottled water packaging design. We’ve seen plastic and glass bottles of water in virtually any shape and size imaginable, with a wide variety of design aesthetics ranging from austere and minimalistic to luxe and extravagant. But what if we completely reimagined the concept of bottled water packaging? Read more…


And by that I mean, what if bottled water didn’t necessarily come in bottles? Plastic and glass bottles of every type of water fit for human consumption are so ubiquitous today, but who decided that bottles were the optimal vessel from which to drink water?

In today’s post, we have two brands of “bottled water” that have gone back to the drawing board and completely changed the way people are thinking about package design for bottled water.

Boxed water is better

You wouldn’t think twice about buying a carton of milk or juice, so why does it feel so odd to think about drinking a carton of water? The company Boxed Water markets their cartons of purified water as a more environmentally friendly option. Hence their slogan, “boxed water is better”, which is also the name of their website. Here is their innovative and yet extremely familiar package design.boxed-water-package-design

The company claims their boxed packaging is more sustainable and has a lower carbon footprint than a conventional plastic or glass bottle. The cartons are fully recyclable like disposable plastic bottles, but are estimated to have less than half the carbon footprint.boxed-water-package-design2

Purely portable water in a pouch

I don’t think I have ever seen pouch drinks that were intended for anyone over the age of 18. There are metallic juice pouches like Capri Sun that have been around for many years, and many public schools now serve juice in simple clear plastic pouches (although I’ve never seen these pouches anywhere else). This somewhat institutional juice packaging design appears to be the inspiration for 82Go’s innovative pouch packaging design for purified water.82go-pouch-water-package-design

Like Boxed Water, 82Go’s “Purely Portable” water pouch is intended to be more eco-friendly. The amount of plastic resin used to make a pouch for this water is roughly the same as what is used to make just the cap of a conventional plastic water bottle. Furthermore, the company uses a minimal amount of ink to print on the pouch, and the container is completely recyclable. Considering the speed with which our landfills are being filled up, the fact that the empty pouches are extremely space efficient would be a side benefit in the event that the consumer doesn’t recycle them properly.82go-purely-portable-water

New ideas in bottled water packaging design

Isn’t it funny how we get caught up in our established paradigms? It becomes incredible difficult for us to think outside the box (or in this case, outside the bottle). But there are some creative minds out there who are willing and able to challenge our ideas of what packaged water should look like. And given our environmental situation, it’s not a moment too soon.