Re-imagining Dead Brands: Fashion Packaging

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The styling industry is overpopulated with hundreds of different brands and products which no one cares about. It’s time for some fashion packaging.


Could you tell, without taking a look, the brand of your hairdryer? Or any of your hair styling tools, for that matter? Neither could anybody else, because the hair styling field is infamous for its low branding impact. It’s to be expected from such an overcrowded industry space.

But it doesn’t have to be like so. Back in 2012, Jerdon Style licensed the Rampage women’s clothing brand for a line of hair styling tools. But they didn’t give in to dull and boring designs ─ they reinvented the brand with a much more fashionable packaging.

Rampage Hairdryer Packaging Design


Helena Yoon, Creative Director of Anthem, (the agency that articulated the Rampage brand, and led the structural design of both the product and its packaging), explained the challenge:

[quote style=”boxed”]“Our challenge was to bring a lifestyle brand into a category where branding was essentially invisible (…) In our research, consumers actually surprised themselves by having no idea what brand of styling products they were using. We also had to bring a powerful style halo into what was typically a very function- and feature-driven technology space.”[/quote]

Anthem’s design had to be strikingly enough to catch the eye, but not so much as to leave behind the product’s technical capabilities. The target consumer, trendy women from 18 to 32 y.o., are attracted by glitter and leopard print; and that’s what Jennifer Murtell, Director of Design Strategy at Anthem, designed over.

[quote style=”boxed”]“Overdoing these elements would cheapen the perceived quality of the product and lack sophistication. Similarly, visual cues that are too cute and bubbly don’t go over well with this audience. Soft colors and flowery accents with a ‘girly innocence’ feel too young and passive—not dynamic enough to believably be the Rampage girl.”[/quote]

Rampage Hair Dryer Designs

The Rampage hairdryer design might not seem too much of a ship in a sea of cruisers, but it’s certainly innovative. In the words of Yoon:

[quote style=”boxed”]“While it meets consumers’ functional needs, it also provides an elevated fashion experience that is missing from the rest of the competitive landscape.”[/quote]

And let’s not forget the key value of the packaging experience. As AJ Schlake-Betz, managing director for Anthem’s Toronto office, puts it:

[quote style=”boxed”]“Desirability makes consumers feel more passionate and involved in brands—through packaging, we can inspire action and help drive brand performance.”[/quote]


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