Practical Ways on Packing Toys, Games and Gadgets Securely


If you want to give a child a toy or surprise a special someone who are living faraway with a new or slightly used gadget, there are several ways on how you can appropriately and nicely pack the items so that the receiver will not only be impressed by your present but also by the way on how your items were being packed.

How to Pack Games and Toys

Games and toys are simple to pack as most of these items will fit in small-sized or medium-sized boxes. For toys with moving parts or accessories that are more prone to damage, it should be wrapped in packaging paper prior to putting it inside the box. Make sure to put the empty spaces with stash of papers or crumpled papers to limit the movement of games and toys during shipment. Seal all the boxes securely with packaging tape and label them with the contents. For stuffed toys, it can be simply placed inside large plastic bags since they are not breakable. However, if these are to be placed in a storage container for longer periods during the move, pack it in airtight containers to avoid insect infestation, heat damage, mold, and mildew. For board games and art supplies, seal them properly to avoid leaks and stains. For water toys or squirt guns, for example, liquid should be poured and dried out before the packaging process.

Packed Toys

As for collector’s items, fragile, or pricey toys, like glass and porcelain dolls or vintage action characters, it require more caution when packaging. So use bubble wrap before putting it inside the boxes, put enough fillers like crumpled packing papers to keep the items stock-still during shipment. For collector’s items, be careful not to overpack them in the boxes because it might cause the items to crush and lower its value. Ensure to clearly mark the boxes with FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP so that the movers will be extra careful when handling them.

How to Pack Electronics or Gadgets

Consult the gadget’s manual first before packing any electronics. If possible, use the original boxes where these items came in or purchase specialty electronics boxes from the movers. If none of these are available, opt for a simple, sturdy box.

When packing electronics and gadgets carefully, you will need supplies such as anti-static packing materials, boxes, packing tapes, and twist ties. So in starting to pack, take out any media forms such as CDs, DVDs, etc. from the items you are packing. Make sure to unplug your gadgets and wipe them to remove the dust. Wrap and secure its wires using twist ties and put a label, if needed. Place anti-static packing material at the bottom of your packaging box.

The packaging is a toy

For large electronic items, put them in the box first and fill empty spots with anti-static packing material. Then put the smaller gadgets on top and fill gaps again with packaging material to avoid rattling or shifting during transport. Seal the box carefully and mark it with FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP.