The Power of Proper Packaging

Heineken Packaging

How strong does proper packaging evoke to the decision process of a consumer? A great deal actually. Buyers may not realize this, but subconsciously and subtly, they are being drawn to a particular product because their eyes said so. Inside the store, products are displayed according to their categories. And what happens next is that the eye appeal swayed the buyer to a particular product that visually stands out.

So how powerful is proper packaging in your overall marketing scheme? Well it doesn’t end in the store. Let’s take a look at the stages how buyers use packaging in their purchasing decision.

 The snap judgment

 Or should we call it, shelf impact? Buyers only take 1 to 7 seconds (average) to decide whether your product is worth purchasing or not. Thus, it is clear that the right elements in your packaging plays crucial roles in the success of your marketing. The following are the elements that contribute to proper packaging:

  1. Typography
  2. Material of the package
  3. Colors
  4. Objects included such as picture and drawing
  5. Branding statement
  6. Short information written on the package

In order to catch the consumer’s attention in a snap, you need to arouse their eyes using these elements above. But make sure not to overdo every single one of it as you don’t want them to get irritated or confused with the design. That said, let’s move on to the next stage.

The emotional engagement

After triggering the sight, you must now focus on the feel. What’s this feel we are talking about? It’s the eye contact. Yes, like how you are compelled with the science of attraction—that when you look at a person, he or she must look back. This behavior also holds true to consumer’s buying instinct. Because no matter how you deny it, direct eye contact between the product and the consumer does happen. How? When you evoke these crucial pointers below:Emotional Packaging

  1. Look at the words and font style you use on your packaging—are they understandable and readable? Or does it bombard the consumers with too much proclamations or noise by using flustered colors and texts? The supermarket is already visually stressful and you don’t want your potential buyers to look at your product the same way. Offer something visually simple, but attention-grabbing.
  1. Providing consumers a tangible situation to appreciate your product is enough reason to buy it. First off, why would a person need a product like what you are offering? Think of the day-to-day living of your potential customer. Now think how will your product affect or help him. Once the buyer is in front of the shelf where your products are lined up, how will he react to the look and feel of your packaging? Will it frustrate or enliven the buyer in connection with his daily routine and needs?

Following these vital elements will, without a doubt, earn you a buyer. But wait. Packaging doesn’t just end there. It lingers with the buyer until he is done using it. While the buyer is still using the product, he constantly opens it, touch it, and feel it—paving way to branding impression. Now the question now is, does your product packaging has what it takes to win a buyer and turn him into a repeat customer?