Pet food packaging

Pet food packaging

Pet food packaging market has observed a lot of changes in the past years, like the increased demand for pouch packaging or small pocket, clean label and convenient packaging to store.

Therefore, pet food manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative and alternative forms of packaging. On the past, pet food had been associated with plain and insipid single-item flavors in small metal jars, but nowadays pet food products are packed in a wide variety of packaging such as bags, containers, metal cans, folding cartons, pouches, and other formats.

But what does that perfect bag look like? What do those concerned in pet food packaging need to focus on in order to meet the needs of pet food manufacturers, who in turn must meet the desires of the consumer?

Pet food companies must combined functional packaging with attractive designs that catch the attention of the consumers.


information packaging

There are a lot of pet food options and consumers increasingly want to know about what they’re feeding to their pets. So, the package should try to show the particulars of the product and its benefits. The brand should put the more acquired and clear information on the package, highlighting their advantages.

One of the most visible forms of marketing is what the packaging looks like and consumers must pay attention to them before they buy a product. They clients spent a short time looking on the information and details on the packaging, so this should be presented clearly and exclusively.

The power of the image

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The package plays a key role in distinguishing the brands on the shelves and many times packaging is the first introduction of the product to a potential customer. So their perception of the brand is part of the decision making process on whether or not they will purchase the product. Using bright colors, imagination and original designs will affect the emotions of the consumer.

Another trend in packaging is the use of clear windows that can communicate quality, freshness, authenticity and trust.


When a client bought pet food, it was expected he stored the package for a period o f time. Therefore, closure and re-sealable systems have become more important. The pet’s food is more often stored in a cupboard with human food, so better closure systems work much better to keep smell and freshness inside the package. Today it exist easy sliders package that help seal in freshness.

For wet pet food, brands have to encourage new challenges making packages that help ensure long-term freshness and shelf life.

Sustainable pet food packaging

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Consumers (many of them) increase their interest in environmentally friendly packaging, and pet food industry is not the exemption. The clients want to do something better for the earth; therefore sustainable packaging became crucial in the pet food industry and it is a trend that comes with power.

As consumers become increasingly involved in their pets’ well-being and become more educated in where their pet products are coming from, sustainability is part of their concern. Pet food customers not only are looking for a packaging that will keep their products fresh and long lasting but clean and free contamination.