Packaging Varieties for Longer Shelf Life of Prepared Foods

Food Pack

Since prepared foods have shorter shelf life than any other packaged, preserved foods in the market, using the right packaging is highly essential to avoid spoilage and to maintain its quality and freshness before your food products would reach to consumers. Hence, there are various types of packaging that are used now by the food and beverage industries, which strictly comply with the standards set by the government.

Filled PP-Trays

These types involve microwave technology; they are topped and heat sealed with flexible films that can be peeled. It comes with additional patented valve that is designed to open or close when needed.

Multi-Pack Shrink Films

These films take the place of paperboard corrugated packaging, and it provides savings, branding opportunities, and durability.

Durability Packaging

Open and Reclosable Bags

These quality bags offer superb consumer convenience because of its hassle-free way of opening and closing of dry seasonings, noodles, pasta and rice. They are available in press-to-close zippers to sliders.

Pre-Made Pouches


These are lightweight and flexible packaging that replaces cans,  glass, paperboard, and other formats. Depending on the amount of food that will be served, there are various sizes, shapes and finishes to choose from for these pouch; and they are appropriate for dried soup mix, pasta, rice, noodles, and dry seasonings.


Pre-Made and Stock

Available in various sizes and shapes, these packaging materials help protect your products that are displayed in your store, and it offers ease of use and hassle-free storage. These self-manufactured substances can be made more economical and thinner while offering longer shelf life.


Refrigerated Ready Meals

These tray and lid duo provides only six weeks shelf life and offers little to no preservatives. It features a patented valve that produces a sound when the meal is done.


Roll-Fed Labels


These kinds of labels are perfect for various food packaging applications such as  labels for food, traditional can labels, yogurt and dairy container labels, and labels for beer, juice, soft drinks, water, and sports drinks.

Rollstock Films


These films offer options such as coextruded, cold-seal, foil, laminated, and metallized. It’s suitable for any application because of its appeal, protection, and sustainability for dry foods and mixes. These packaging provides longer shelf-life extension and improved organoleptics that have thin and high-barrier core.

Food Pack




These packs can be used for condiments, yogurt, and powdered mixes. They help preserve the taste of your item since it contain protective sealants.

Steamable Microwave Packaging

These packaging items provide you with a quick, consistent cook process that protects your entrees, vegetables, etc. These are flexible types that are available in pouches and pillow packs.

Two-Compartment Injection-Moulded PP-Containers

These unique containers involve less microwave energy that are filled with raw or partially-cooked meat  in one compartment and  vegetables in the other compartment. It is equipped with a lidding film with added valves.

White Bags with Integrascore Technology

These innovative bags get rid of knives, tear tape, and scissors. It allows partial or complete removal of packaging tops.