Packaging Trends for 2015


Consumers have grown discerning through time, as more brands have emerged and more options have been made readily available for them. New business opportunities such as the introduction of digital assets and online shopping have marked a new era of consumer behaviour. This, in turn, has also raised the bar for entrepreneurs, because today, more than ever, every brand works hard to capture the attention of the consumers, hold their interest and persuade them to purchase. While businesses cannot have sales men and women roaming across the globe to talk about their product, the packaging will do the talking. The product packaging will be the brand’s representation in the market—take it or leave it—it’s all up to the consumer. Now your role as the packaging designer is how to make your product stand out from a sea of brands in the store.

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Every entrepreneur wants to get ahead of the game, which is why the packaging industry keeps on evolving. A review of 2015’s top packaging trends will be helpful in reinforcing that the market will continue to change and being able to cope with it is a key success trait.

Here are the top packaging trends for 2015:

  1. Increased personalization. An evident example of this trend is the use of hand drawn logos and labelling. Consumers want a brand that they can easily relate to, especially now that brands are also trying to establish their presence in online platforms. Brands are now using personalized handwritten or hand drawn elements as reflected in their product packaging. Brands are now leveraging on personal human touch to establish a more personal connection with the product. It is like putting a face behind the brand. Another trend that is evident is typography which has its own character and can create a charming impact to the brand.
  1. Extra functional forms. Today, packaging is more than just a box or a bottle as trends show that packaging forms are now being more multi functional, with designers trying to create more options for the consumer. The packaging now gives the consumer a unique experience that goes beyond being serving its initial requirement. This style has given more value to packaging and thus, consumers are able to better appreciate the branding experience that goes with every product that they purchase. The hyperfunctional forms also use innovation and technology to provide more value to the packaging.
  1. The use of packaging design to strengthen brand building efforts. Trends show that color will play an important role in reinforcing the product’s flavors. This will also give more character to the product and will also provide more opportunities for the brand to create stronger brand awareness and to establish your uniqueness as compared to other companies.

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  1. Sustainable, environment-friendly packaging.One of the most commonly used packaging items that brands have been using is the Kraft paper. This type of paper is preferred by more brands because it is recyclable and durable enough to package their products.