Packaging Technologies and Spirits Bottles

Packaging Technologies and Spirits Bottles

One of the latest trends in packaging is the addition of diverse packaging technologies, such as Apps or smart tags. These spirits bottles do both.


Packaging Digest recently highlighted an innovative spirits bottle from the French cognac house Rémy Martin: the Club Connected Bottle, which makes use of a smart near-field communication tag to provide authentication, opening detection via a mobile App, and includes a consumer engagement program.

The tag’s technology is especially mind-boggling:

[quote style=”boxed”]“A tamper-proof NFC tag from Selinko is integrated into the bottle’s capsule (the foil cover over the closure) and provides multiple levels of protection and engagement throughout the life of the package. The technology consists of a high-security NFC chip, which is combined with asymmetric encryption. This provides the same high level of security that is used in electronic passports or bankcards.”[/quote]

The safety of a bankcard, in a spirits bottle. Now that’s unheard-of. The mobile App from Rémy Martin also allows consumers to check the bottle’s status and, once opened, gives them access to rewards and special offers.

Diageo Smart Bottle

This integration of packaging and mobile techonolgy is one of the hottests trends in packaging today. Communication is enhanced significantly, as pointed out by Augustin Depardon, executive director at Rémy Martin:

[quote style=”boxed”]“Not only does the Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle guarantee the authenticity of the product, but also—and this is the exciting innovation—it allows us to communicate directly with our consumers who like and use our products. Rewards, events, special offers—our communication can now be completely aligned with our clients’ preferences for an optimal relevancy.”[/quote]

But Martin’s is not the only spirits bottle to include these technology advancements. Packaging Digest had already covered two other examples in the past months: Diageo’s Jhonny Walker and the Chinese Ferngrove. It’s just a matter of time before other competitors show up.

Each and every one of the bottles involves more than mere technical advancements. Reassurance, as we wrote some days ago, is now one of the biggest characteristics that packaging consumers are looking for. Depardon put it like so:

[quote style=”boxed”]“As the world is becoming connected, our users are expecting their favorite brands to do more than deliver the finest spirits: they want to have a direct connection with these brands, and a direct engagement.”[/quote]

And that engagement, precisely, is the offer.


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