Packaging is a good source of standing out from competition.


Believe it or not, but many women feel reluctant to throw away empty perfume bottles. Perfumes are a symbol of beauty and elegance. They have always been regarded as a luxury and exchanged frequently as gifts. The scent of perfumes does have a contribution in making a perfume elegant and sophisticated but a huge credit goes to its sleek and fine packaging. The most exquisite of perfumes possess breathtakingly beautiful packaging which is a pleasure to the eyes and a treat to the nose. The packaging of perfumes requires great attention, care and creativity. It might only be a bottle containing a fragrant liquid but the elegance and extravagance is added to it through its design and packaging.

Care is required in choosing the right material because most perfumes are made of glass to add that sleekness to it but perfumes get shipped to various places therefore the glass should be of high quality so it does not crack while shipping. After the packaging of the perfume, it should be wrapped in some other material as well to avoid further damages to the sensitive bottle as it might get damaged while shipping. A warning note or precaution should be written which says handle with care so no one by mistake even breaks it and realizes that the object inside is fragile and must be handled with care. The packaging should be such that it does not harm the liquid of the perfume or reacts with the liquid. If the bottle breaks at a place where there is flame, it can cause destruction because perfumes have alcohol in the ingredients.


Perfumes are lavish items. People don’t buy perfume every day. They buy it sometimes and therefore want a good one. The packaging is important because many customers get attracted to a perfume not because of its smell but because of its design.

Packaging is a good source of standing out from competition. The packaging of the perfume is a visual image of the odor. The packaging can also give an indication of the kind of smell of the perfume, whether it is strong or sweet. The packaging is also a representation of your brand and holds immense importance from the marketing point of view.