Packaging Designs That Will Stop You on Your Tracks

Packaging for milk

If you think you have seen it all, think again. With consumerism being the order of the times, humanity has outdone itself with these witty and innovative packaging designs for a wide range of products. These are items that definitely command a second glance when encountered in malls or stores. Scroll down to see how creativity has gone to a whole new level. The best thing about it is that we get to see them everyday. Some we could bring to our very own kitchens.

Packaging for Milk

Mornings will never be the same again with this boldly creative milk carton thatobviously says it all. Design studio Visual Advice came up with this concept that could actually double as a reading aid for toddlers. The dimensions were meticulously thought of to equal to a two-liter milk carton. Expect to always wake up on the right side of the bed with this on your breakfast nook.

Packaging for milk

Nike Air

As if Nike needs any more attention. The world’s most popular sneaker brand, with the help of Berlin based Scholtz & Friends, cleverly packages its Air trainers line with, you guessed it, air. The trainers are sealed in an airtight plastic bag making them seem like they are floating, as what the brand advertises you’ll be feeling when you put on the pair. Apart from the aesthetics, the packaging design helps prevent damage in shipping. Nike simply just does it.Packaging for Nike Air



McDonald’s fries just became a conversation piece. Brisbane born artist Ben Frost creates these pop culture icons on your favorite greasy food, it’s a trip to the museum in a box (with unlimited tomato ketchup, of course). The packaging innovation gives the brand a novel look, it could pass for a Happy Meal toy. It never hurts to pleasantly surprise your customers.

McDonalds packaging

NYC Spaghetti

When design student Alex Creamer created this packaging for spaghetti, he was definitely thinking outside the box. In fact, he won awards for it. Nothing could spell NYC better than skyscrapers and marvelous buildings. You are in for a delightful time in kitchen when you see these pieces of spaghetti stacked in the exact same way as the outer packaging. Drip some tomato sauce into the dish and you’ll have a perfect slice of the Big Apple.NY Spag Packaging Food


Blood Energy Potion

If this does not stop you on your tracks, then probably, nothing ever will. Nope that’s not a misplaced vampire’s daily supply. That is actually a caffeinated energy drink that comes in a re-sealable, transfusion-style packaging. It’s fruit punch flavored and perfect for parties or pranks. Are you thirsty yet?blood packaging



Six Feet Under DVD Box

You already have a story even before you could begin with the 1st episode. Six Feet Under, an American drama television series, launched this amazing DVD collection that must have sent chills and thrills to every fanatic.  True to its title, the design is a cross section of a typical graveyard.
DVDs pack