Online Design: Find Your Community

Yanko Packaging

What used to be exclusively for the realm of people who could afford art materials and an illustrious education at an art college has now become an open source melting pot of deep talents and vast influences. Thanks to the digital age, packaging designers now have access to advanced tools with just the help of their computer.

Aside from the software and resources available online, art and good graphics aren’t created in a vacuum. At the very least, you need to get feedback on the portfolio you’re building so you can curate your own works to show off your best designs.

So where do you start looking?

It’s all about finding your niche and a place where you can handle the criticism. Keep in mind that you’re opening yourself up to anonymous thousands who probably cannot understand even half your work within your own context—you have to be ready.

Yanko Packaging

What you need to find first are people who produce similar work. Whether you’re into packaging design, graphic arts, product design or other fields, it’s important that you’re with like-minded people who can give you constructive feedback.

Yanko Design

With over 70,000 followers and a blog full of relevant and useful content, Yanko Design is one of the first places you should go when you want to participate in the Design Discourse. Get your inspiration from their latest designs and products and useful tips on how to survive and thrive in the business of design.

Design Juices

Why would you want to speak to just 2000 people when Yanko Design lets you be seen by 70,000? No matter how you look at it, you can’t talk to all of them. Design Juices offers designers deeper critique and meaningful conversation without the need to slog through short comments that do not help you enrich your designs anyway.

Design Juices Packaging


One of a packaging designer and any other artist’s best friend is a free gallery. Creattica is basically a gallery of free inspiration, tools, fonts and other design elements that members can use. Since it maintains its collection through the members’ own designs and uploads, you can get valuable feedback from people who are sharing their own work.

How Design

While How Design can look too commercialized and unreliable thanks to the ads, its popularity is still something to bank on when you’re a packaging designer. Visit the forums so you can find veteran packaging designers who can give you valuable feedback and even mentoring.  Another great feature of the website is that it also gives you useful links, articles and resources for your own design. You can even get tips on upcoming conferences.

In the end, joining the online packaging design community is about finding ways to collaborate with the talent of the world. Your work can never be created in a vacuum but it’s also good that you choose your communities wisely to places where you can work with people who can improve your designs.