Kiwi Labels


Since 1976 we have been preparing, printing, applying and distributing first-rate labels for clients throughout New Zealand. Such a timeframe makes us one of this country’s longest running label printing companies. It’s time we’ve used well, gathering experience, honing our service and continuously evolving our technology and capabilities so as to best serve our customers.

Now, from our premises in Heathcote, Christchurch, we have a team of over 30 dedicated professionals and an incredible knowledge base to draw from. The combined skill of our team, and their readiness to put in the extra thinking to work around any potential challenge, is a huge benefit for our customers.

We are sure you’ll find Kiwi Labels a valuable asset to your business for support, technical advice and high quality labelling solutions. We take pride in assisting not only for label supply, but also in capital expenditure decisions, plant design and process control solutions. That’s how we add value to each and every label.

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