Judge a Book by Its Cover Because You Know what It’s About Anyway

Harry Potter Packaging

Thanks to digital art tools, creating crisper, alternative book covers and packaging printed on any sort of material is getting easier and easier compared to before the internet. What’s more, readers and book lovers are looking at book covers as the main reason for them to buy a physical book copy—since you can get an e-book for a lower price with no physical space concern.

Classics get a new look

While the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling is probably cropping up in second hand bookstores and thrift shops, a complete edition with special packaging in a cardboard chest has been offered more than once in bookshops. Take a look below.

Harry Potter Packaging


As you can see, the packaging here evokes a Hogwarts feel and can surely catch the fancy of any book lover—even moreso the reader who grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Aside from the Harry Potter series, book covers with great packaging can include boxed sets such as the one featured here for the Sith and Jedi Path books. With the recent announcement and trailer for the new Star Wars movie, the fans are clamouring for new content and lore to go with the continuing story of a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Packaging

The Jedi and Sith Path boxed set makes a handsome addition to any book or Star Wars collection. The books themselves are hardbound and etched with the appropriate symbols pertaining to their side in the Force. While the books are the stars of the set, the product also includes a notebook that can technically be considered further packaging that adds value to the product.

Single Volumes

But what about individual volumes? You certainly can’t drag around your Harry Potter chest or both the Jedi and Sith path. Part of the reason why book lovers get hard bound books is because of the size and the cover of the volume.

While some may say that wrecking a book and writing on one is blasphemy, part of the book’s message can be embedded in the clever cover. In an even more innovative take on book covers, this series Keri Smith presents the idea of interactive covers—where the reader or owner of the book gets to design a part of the volume.

Wreck this journal Packaging


Does this mean that Keri Smith’s books are simply notebooks with a clever packaging? Is it not enough that the notebook or journal is bound in leather, made from acid-free paper and contains enough pages? Take a look at her succeeding, and just as popular iterations of her ‘Wreck this Journal’ series and you be the judge.

Essentially, books today not only have to satisfy readers with what’s in them but also with what’s on them. Not everyone has the chance to browse titles and summaries—covers have to grab readers and be able to convey a short message about the book to attract readers into picking them up in the first place.