The Packaging is the new Fashion


Modern and creative packaging is not only effective in increasing sales but also a good way to maximize a marketing strategy with little capital. Clothing packaging, specifically, has come a long way using different styles and incorporating creative designs to match the brand in order to raise consumer awareness. A number of clothing companies even become more popular with the packaging they create which carries their line of products to success.

Clothing for the Tummy

Custom clothing packaging usually aims to promote the brand and grab the attention of customers. One example of this would be the food product-like packaging being utilized by companies such as Here! Sod, where the shirts are folded in plastic containers and stored to look like food products commonly seen in grocery stores. Lega-lega also uses the same style by storing them in milk cartons with a small sketchbook for doodling.

Yummy Packaging

Get Hooked!

Another unique approach for customized clothing packaging is that of Hangerpack where the actual packaging can be converted into a hanger which makes the shirt readily wearable at any place at any time. The packaging-turned-hanger is a very catchy way to sell the product as it promotes convenience with style. Plaji also wants customers to have an easy and fun time with their clothes. Each unique carton packaging is designed to best assist consumers through a specific clothing style as its design, whether they need jeans, blouses with neckline suggestions, lingerie and the like. This innovative company also includes paper hooks in their clothing packaging which can be used to hang the carton in the closet.

Clothing Packaging

A Can can Make a Difference

Some companies have dual purposes in using creative packaging. Aside from increasing public awareness, they also create unique packaging to protect their products and use the packaging itself as the selling point. Johnny Cupcakes stores their t-shirts in tin cans which are designed to match their cupcakes while the t-shirts’ designs are also matched with those of the tin cans. This presentation promotes the cupcakes and the t-shirt products of the company. They also have t-shirts packed in ice cream pint containers with old-school push-up pops.

Cupcakes Packaging

Packaging is the Product?

There is so much more distinctive packaging ideas being used by different clothing brands right now but the most notable trend is how packaging has become a critical element on how they conceptualize and eventually market their goods. Every clothing business aims to connect, engage and please their hungry shoppers. Clothing packaging, if carefully thought out and incorporated in the actual clothing design, can really become a “hit” among target consumers. The interest and enthusiasm the packaging generates also bounce back to the actual product being sold. At times, the packaging carries the sales instead of the product itself. This means that the packaging and products must be at par in terms of excellence in order to avoid overshadowing the other.  You wouldn’t want a great packaging with a not so great product, right? And vice versa.

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