Innovative Packaging Design of Coke Cans

CocaCola Cans

Coca-Cola, one of the largest distributors and marketers of soda in the world, is unveiling a new widespread packaging design for all of its soda can flavors that are set to hit the soft drink market. There are a variety of styles of Coke cans, and the company thought that it is best to unify the font, layout, and overall design. The formulations of the various Coke scheme will retain their distinct colors, but they will use the same label layout, Spencerian script, and its fine, classic swoosh. The renowned soda company will bring together its lineup such as the original Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, and the latest-launched mid-calorie Coke Life into a single unified design.

The United States will witness the limited redesign version of Coke cans. On the other hand, Spain will receive the most aggressive can design known as the split look. This means that the upper portion of Coke cans have a similar appearance. The transformation of its packaging strategy will also include other countries such as Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Holland and the Nordics. In its press release, Coke says that rather than advertising each brand separately, the entire Coke lineup will be marketed as one.

CocaCola Cans

This one-brand type of approach is what the company is considering while thinking about something that is closer to home at less dramatic effect. It also aims to do away with confusion in communications and packaging. So for Coca-Cola to achieve its goal, they opt for one visual identity along with recognizable illustrative naming or the so-called master brand. The company’s shift to coming up with a master brand is regarded as an excellent idea.

On the other hand, Coca-Cola Great Britain is also planning to have a rebrand that will happen in May. While they chose to retain various identifying brand colors, they follow the same script and design. While the U.S. Coca-Cola has a slightly less aggressive separate revamp with the new cans that adhere to monocolor style, Diet Coke opt to retain its modern logo and name.

The up-to-date packaging of Coke defines the difference between each drink. It would help consumers understand the advantages of the entire portfolio, so that is to say, the no-sugar and low-sugar varieties will now be clearer to soft drink lovers.

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Although Coke is highly criticized by health enthusiasts because of its link to obesity as a result of consuming too much sugary drinks, in the Great Britain market, however, the soft drink giant has made initiatives to support and promote healthy living. Hopefully, the new packaging will help and encourage consumers to make healthy, less sugar to no-sugar drink choices. With the brand’s rigorous marketing efforts and investment, at least consumers will realize that Coke is not all about sugar and calories, but it’s about making a healthy lifestyle choice too.

To sum up, the latest Coca-Cola design is all about the new lifestyle in 2015. It proves to be a brand for everyone, and it aims to promote an image of fitness and health. If the launch will be successful, the new soda packaging design will be rolled out effectively worldwide.


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