Ideal Packaging Solutions for Oil, Dairy, and Sauces

Packaging for Sauces

To maintain longer shelf life and freshness of oil, dairy, and sauce, they  also need the appropriate types of packaging to guarantee superb condition and functionality of the product.

Packaging for Oil

Packaging directly influences oil quality by protecting it from light and oxygen. It is also said that the shelf life of oils that are exposed to light is shorter than those products that are kept in the dark.  The materials that are appropriate for oil packaging are glass, tin-coated steel metal, and plastic-coated paperboard. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is most suitable in the oil retail market because of its chemical unresponsiveness, clarity, low-oxygen permeability, and great mechanical properties that help maintain or improve the quality attributes of oil. The pigments and UV blocking agents can improve the properties of plastics and retention of oil. Aside from  Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE) in LDPE-coated paperboard or aluminium foil laminates are used today for packaging of vegetable and olive oils. Oil packaging must be well-maintained, ventilated, cleaned, and illuminated. When oils are kept in big containers, they should be maintained when full or should have better headspace that contained nitrogen.

Milk Packaging

Packaging for Dairy

  • Re-close lidding film. A type of packaging that is easy to open and reclose. It helps retain the freshness of dairy products.
  • Cheese flow packs. This is a moisture-sensitive, practical and solid solution for hard cheese with additional options to peel and reclose the packs.
  • Butter packaging. These are specialty butter packaging that comply with the market standards.
  • These PS-based desserts and yoghurt pots are created on form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging machines. Its capability for good permeability and sealing guarantees freshness while its metallization option offers appealing standout qualities on the shelf.
  • Aluminum-based lidding. These lidding solutions are perfect for milk and yogurt that are in plastic bottles. It gives balance between peelability and sealing. By joining both PE or PP foil laminates on to the bottle, this solution provides barrier with easy-peel seal solution for portion-sized products.
  • Die cut lidding. Yogurt and dessert products can be suited well for die cut lidding, and it offers freshness, longer shelf life, and quality designs that make your brand stand out.Packaging for Sauces

Packaging for Sauces

  • Stand up pouches. When consumers open up your liquid pouch, they can pour honey, sauce, or syrup directly into any kind of food they are cooking. This style can minimize the mess in the kitchen while allowing them to screw on the cap to prevent any food spoilage.
  • Packaging These hang holes let your syrup hung on display standup shelves, or the shop can choose where to hang them to obtain better brand visibility.
  • Stand up pouches. Tear notches are useful for one-time-use consumable items, so if you are selling food sauce packets, consumers can easily tear the top, pour the sauce, and toss the packaging when they’re finished. Another types of convenient stand up pouches are the liquid heavy duty ziplocks.

Hence, whatever type of packaging for oil, dairy and sauces are, there are opportunities that you can also customize your packs by submitting a design for custom-printed bags with a variety of colors, sizes, and features to packaging experts.