How to Make Effective Packaging Designs?

Packaging SuperMarket

Long, full shelves of products welcome you in grocery stores and retail shops. With a wide range of brands and products who are all competing for your attention, how can a bottle, a box, or a jar be able to capture your attention and actually make you want to purchase the product? How can a simple product packaging make you a loyal customer and entice you to patronize the brand? The key is all in the packaging. Because a package design is more than a photo glued to a jar, or a box with a big bow, or a bottle with a bed of beads. Designing a product package goes beyond a random design fest where you try to impress everyone.

Packaging SuperMarket


A package is itself a marketing tool. It should be able to stand on its own—it can be as good as the brand ambassador, as a budgeted advertising campaign, or a radio commercial. It should have the power of its own to communicate the brand messaging and close the sale. The challenge is how to ensure that even without a speaking head, a voice, or the mobility, the mere fact that the product lies on the packed shelves of the store—the product is purchased and sales comes in. The package now is your company’s ambassador in the battle of the brands.

Product packaging design is one of the most interesting tasks in the industry. It is challenging, but at the same time, you know that nothing beats the feeling of seeing spike in sales because of your product package. To guide you in this venture, you can follow these steps on how to design a product packaging in the most effective way.

Effective Packaging

  1. Create a compelling story. Your package design should be able to effectively communicate your brand messaging. You should be able to tell your customer why this product deserves to be in their baskets, and why, among the other brands, your product should be the one purchased. This is where your storey comes in. find your unique selling proposition and use it to your packaging
  1. Highlight your brand focus. Now that you have determined your story, you should highlight which one needs to be echoed to your customer—the font can be bigger, the color can be bolder, or it can be in a different texture—ensure that your focus is highlighted. This will make you stand above the rest of your competitors.
  1. Direct your consumer to your preferred hierarchy of messaging. Do you want them to know about your product benefits, your product ingredients, or your competitive pricing. You can design your product packaging in such a way where you take your consumer to a journey of discovering about your product. You can include simple elements such as arrows, italics, arches, or images that emphasize a specific point of view. By fixing your flow and hierarchy, your product packaging becomes more effective and more hardworking for the brand.