How to make an effective book cover?


Let’s just admit that we all judge books by their covers. A book cover is one of the most important tools that can be used to sell the book. If a book has one of the best stories in the world, but its cover does not look professional and is not able to grasp the attention of the customer then it will remain on the shelves of the book and nobody will bother to buy it.

We all know how bad covers are, we all have seen such covers that we do not like. Some covers are just too dull, others do not use the right color scheme, some just do not use good pictures and some do not represent the content of the book. Bad covers are really a turn off for the customer. On the other hand, good book covers have the responsibility to tell that what actually is in the book. Therefore, it is very important to make effective and successful book covers in order to get appreciation from the reader.

Some of the techniques that can be used to make effective book covers are as follows:

Know the content of the bookmoby-dick

To make an effective and successful book cover, it is important to know that what basically is in that book. If a person knows about the content of the book, only then he/she will be able to make an effective cover that will tell the genre of the book to the reader. There is no point to make a cover of the book look like a love story when the book actually is a horror story. If the cover does not give the clue about the content of the book, it will not be effective. Have a look at the following example.

This is the cover by Umberto Scalabrini and it clearly gives an idea about the main theme of the novel, i.e. a man who is hunting for a white whale. This cover shows that the designer has the knowledge about the content of the book and on the basis of the knowledge, he designed an excellent book cover.


Contrast plays a crucial role in the success of a book. A book cover that does not have good color combination, bad fonts, or too busy background will distract the reader and will not be considered as an effective cover. To make an effective book color, the contrast must be used with colors and fonts to make the message clearer.

Know the reader of the book


It is very important to know who your reader is. Every book has a target reader. Whether it is a short story and the target readers are kids, a love story targeted towards young adults or a murder mystery and the target readers are mystery fans. It is very important to design the book cover by keeping in mind the target reader. By knowing the reader, effective book covers can be designed that will be able to capture the attention of the potential reader and convince him/her to buy that book.