Hilarious Packaging Fails That Couldn’t Fail More

    Fail Packaging

    History has given humanity a pleasant gift: a collection of epic packaging fails that will make you think how on earth they even happened. Humans make mistakes, we all know that, but there are some instances when you just scratch your head in wonder how they could possibly have done it.

    Fail Packaging

    Can’t Find the Hole

    Functionality is one of the main features that consumers look for in a packaging. It should be easy to open, easy to use, and reasonably durable. But this packaging of Rubicon’s beverage majorly failed in this area. How difficult could it be to find the hole and place the cap over it? Perhaps somewhere in the factory line the machine responsible for this malfunctioned and now we have this defective drink.

    Other products also committed the same mistakes. The straw holes are misplaced, bottles can’t be opened, handles are missing, some parts are very fragile, and many more. If the packaging can’t function the way it is supposed to, consumers are going to be so pissed that they might just throw it off and forget the brand forever.

    Is That a Dog?

    A lovely photo of a cat is inside a beautiful framed and aptly labeled as “My Dog” with matching dog paws on the side. A pack of corns, that are obviously corns, are labeled as “Watermelon”. A toy gun is named as a “Musical Instrument”. There goes your daily dose of human absurdity.

    Packaging designers should make sure to check all labels printed on the packaging before releasing the products to the market. The last thing we want to do is to make ourselves look foolish in the eyes of our target consumers, so check for factual, grammatical and even spelling errors.

    Child Shredded Meat

    “Would you like to add some child shredded meat to your dinner? It tastes lovely” – said no one ever. Who in their right mind would try to entice people to try a meat that seems to be produced from children’s innards?

    Some of other badly named products: Tastes Like Grandma Jam, Soup for Sluts, Cock Macaroni, Finger Marie, Creamy White Finishing Sauce, and 6 Faggots in Gravy. Yes, they’re true! These products exist and we don’t know why.

    Brands should take utmost care in choosing the name for their product. That should really be a no-brainer, but given the example, apparently it’s not. The product’s name, and anything printed on the packaging, for that matter, should in no way convey the wrong message. Obviously the meat is not really those of children (or at least we’re hoping), but the name says otherwise. Think of a clever yet appropriate name – that’s the first step to product success.

    Juice Packaging

    Check and Recheck

    Heed this warning: before you release a product to the public, inspect the packaging from top to bottom and left to right for any errors. Think if your product’s name is offensive and inappropriate in any way, if the package is fully functional and does it make sense, and if the labels are factual and error free. Check them once, twice, and thrice, and have them tested by an unbiased third party who might see errors you can’t see.