Green is the New Black: Environment Friendly Packaging

Plastic Bottle

You have seen a significant growth in the packaging industry through the years. As more products are created and more innovation are being applied to product development, the packaging industry will continue to grow. Packaging is in itself a hardworking Marketing tool that is being used by entrepreneurs as one of their major investments. If you are a marketer or a designer, you know that every product packaging is significant to the business.

Plastic Bottle

Every dollar you spend on packaging should also bring you incremental sales. While it is good to have a strong business driven by the right marketing tools, it is also equally important to invest on sustainable packaging—a packaging initiative that will help conserve our natural resources and will not compromise the health and safety of the environment. We say that Green is the new black as a growing number of companies have been reviewing their processes and outputs to ensure that we are working on a collaborative effort of bringing in socially responsible efforts of creating a sustainable packaging business framework.

Plastic is one of the most widely used packaging designs of products and while consumers appreciate its functionality, you should also consider other more sustainable options. If you use plastic as packaging, note that they congest the landfills and they do not biodegrade over time. With more than 45,000 tons of plastic waste that end up in the world’s oceans, and around 31 million tons of plastic incurred U.S. alone, it is undeniable that we have been posting so much risk to the environment.

By being able to incorporate green practices to your daily business, you will be able to save on a significant amount of resources. It may seem overwhelming at first, because, really, where do you begin saving the world? First, you need to establish a contextual frame of reference for your sustainability approach. Once you have identified your context, you will be able to plot out a better plan—which ones will be your focus, which parts of the business can apply the green habits, and what are the other available opportunities. Next is that you should know the assets and tools that you have, and lastly you should be able to look for business partners and suppliers who can provide you materials that are of the same quality but of much helpful contribution to your green packaging campaign.

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Your options include using biopolymer resins to create other options for plastic. This includes products with compostable, biobased, and biodegradable properties. Other brands have already developed eco-friendly bags and reusable pacakging. The creation of sustainable bags and sustainable plastics such as bottles, caps, cups, lid, and straw has created a huge impact in the packaging industry. These initiatives have created a significant change in the way we use our resources, thus, also prodding other brand owners and entrepreneurs to join the movement towards a healthy, sustainable environment.

If all the companies align their goals on green packaging and make everyone aware of what each of us can do, we will be able to save the world one day at a time.