Functions of packaging


There are different functions of packaging. Brands should always be aware of all these kinds of purpose to have a well done plan when they start to create and design package for their products. They should know which area of the company could better canalize the work and which job should be outsourced. The packaging production process should be well organized and every area should know which their responsibilities are.

The complexity of packaging has increased during the last years. Today, no company can manage this process without the right technology and the right workflow plan. A well organize program can simplify the packing process and ensure everything runs efficiently.

In the era of social media, mistakes are no longer local problems; everyone in the world could see and share when things went wrong. Packaging must always be of good quality and ensure brand identity, wherever the package is produced.

Packaging functions

There are different uses of packaging:

  • To preserve and protect the product
  • To transport the product
  • To make the product more attractive for the client
  • To publish the brand
  • To identify the product from other

Protect and preserve the product

eggs packaging

One of the purposes of product packaging (maybe the original one) is to protect the product from damage. Package not only protects the product during the transfer from the manufacturer to the shop or market, but it also prevents damage while the product stays on retail shelves or a house´s refrigerator. They have to be suitable and convenience on their shape, not too big so they can fit in the consumer´s freezer or into their cupboards. Besides, they have to enclose a distinct label, (colors and design) that make them easy to identify between a lot products that maybe stored at the same place.

Another very important point related with food or health care products is the preservation. The food maybe not consume the same day it bought or opened, so brands have to be particular concerned in making a packaging that conserve the freshness and utility as it where opened at the first time.

The packaging is an object that many times continues with the life of the product or is a part of it (CD cases, for example, or perfumes).


transportation packaging McDonalds Packaging


Transportation is a key aspect in many different products, like technology (Home Audio, TVs, Computers, etc.). Sometimes, transportation is part of the value of the product, like take-away food o beverage. They should combine comfort and practical with design.



With thousands of products lying on shelves, how a product is packaged may be what attracts the consumer to take a look on it. For this reason, many brands demand extensive research on color schemes, designs and types of packaging trying to find out which is the most pleasing to its consumer.

The product packaging can play a critical role in the success or failure of the sales of the product. More than a half of the consumers choose a product because of its package.

Besides, packaging plays an important role for portraying information about the product. This information can help to sell the product because it allows potential customers to obtain the information they need to make a purchase decision. Some companies should take particular care in some kind of product, like food, drinks and cigarettes, because it exists special regulation on the way of packaging and labeling.

Publishing your brand

Packaging can be used to communicate marketing ideas and concepts that consumers are looking for. And you have to know have to express them. Companies can use attractive design, logos, symbols and color to promote the product that can influence customer decision.

In case of dressing shops, the brands “transportation” bag of the product is a great publishing time to take advantage. Hundreds of people may carry brand´s bag where they are walking on a mall.


All over the world, brands are competing for shelf space and the attention of consumers. Packaging can differentiate a product from another one because it can contain company names, logos and the color scheme of the company and that helps consumers to identify the product as it places among the competition’s products on store shelves.

The client has a great identification with the brand packaging, so the companies should be very careful when they want to change it. The usual consumer may make a gap in purchasing the product, until he is able to identify the product according to its new packaging.