Fresh Packaging Ideas for Fresh Food

Fish Packaging

Going fresh in your diet is all the rage with a growing need for a healthier lifestyle. To attract more health-conscious consumers, fresh produce companies are making sure that their products stay fresh with a packaging that will please their customers. Innovative marketing and technology also play a crucial role in adding value to their products as more consumers are lured into these fun, functional and flexible packaging ideas.

Catchy Design

Let’s start off with some out-of-the-box packaging that can surely make consumers take a second look. With growing competitors in the market, fresh food firms are investing time and effort into creating a product that is both pleasing to the eye and piques the interest especially of customers passing by the aisle. These cute Juicy Juice orange packs are designed to look like a real orange for customers wanting to take a sip and refresh. Meanwhile, this elaborate packaging design for a fish comes with an Xray-like container. One half shows the real product inside while the other side exhibits the appetizing meal one would have after cooking this dish. This delectable transformation can surely make a customer pick it out of a bunch.

Orange PackagingFish Packaging

Fresh Meets Convenience

Do you ever just run out of the house without food on your stomach? With this clever and practical packaging, you can easily snap apart one single serve container of fresh fruit and do your errands on time. For people who are maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, this type of packaging is ideal as it is not only easier to separate and hold, it also offers a controlled amount of food for snacks. Families who enjoy outdoor activities can also find this multipack design very convenient. It lessens the time to prepare food and allows more time for family bonding.

Fresh food packaging

All in One

Since consumers are all trying to save time when preparing food, fresh food kits have been heaven-sent especially for busy moms who wish to put healthy and delicious food on the table. From salad to pies, this all-in-one package houses all different types of fruits or vegetables along with sauces and seasonings to complete a meal. Recipes are usually included in these kits. So instead of scouring different ingredients in the supermarket, you can just easily grab these pre-packaged goods to try something new and save time.

Tomatoe Packaging

Technology Talks

If you have the money for it, investing in sustainable designs such as FreshCase® will add more value to your fresh food product. Certain to extend the shelf life of the product, this type of vacuum packaging also maintains the fresh red color of the meat which is very important for visual consumers.  FreshCase® also uses fewer resources than traditional packaging which in turn helps our environment as it produces less waste.

If you’re aiming to get consumers to choose your fresh food product, make sure that your packaging also gives you an edge over the competition. Having a state-of-the-art packaging is surely a valid way to bring in consumers but a very convenient one will also draw in customers looking to save time and energy.