Fresh Food Packing Tips

Fresh Bowls Packaging

Going green is all the rage these days, and this is primarily driven by millennials ditching their gastronomic delights for a healthier lifestyle. Companies engaged in fresh produce are taking advantage of this by introducing more options for quick and healthy grubs. Of course, they have to ensure that their products remain fresh for as long as possible through efficient packaging. This, coupled with progressive marketing efforts and use of preservation technologies, is their way of luring consumers to try out their products.

Fresh Bowls Packaging

It Doesn’t Have To Be Plain

Some argue that fresh food does not need an artistic packaging to sell since the intention basically is to showcase the product itself. Some are just wrapped in cling film with nothing more than the price tag on them. With more and more competitors in the market, however, companies are realizing the need to please consumers visually through more creative packaging ideas. For instance, fish products should not just be sealed in transparent plastic. One good execution is to include an X-ray like illustration halfway through the plastic to showcase the inside goodness on one end, while showing the actual fish on the other. Executions like this can catch the interest of people, especially those wheeling their pushcarts on the aisle.

Convenience Is Key

People, especially professionals making their way through the rush hour, sometimes leave home without eating breakfast. For the health conscious ones, convenience stores are the go-to place as they offer fresh fruits and salads in easily snapped, single serve packaging. This type of container is also ideal for people trying to lose weight, as not only is it easy to handle but also offers food in controlled quantities. Moreover, multipack variants are available in leading supermarkets to cater to large groups of people on the go.

Throw It All In

As people are becoming more and more conscious of their time and would like to cut down on shopping minutes, fresh ingredients packaged together in kits is a breakthrough. This is especially true for working mothers wanting to quickly prepare a sumptuous dinner for their kids after work. Covering the basic ingredients of usual viands, this type of packaging saves people from scouring multiple alleys in supermarkets and makes it easy to grab a hold of the necessary stuff.

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