Excite People’s Inner Bookworm with Creatively Packaged Books

Wooden Spoon Packaging

A good book always makes a wonderful present. This is particularly true because book giving is quite personal. It shows how much you know someone enough to get something specific. Also, it is a sweet and unique way of communicating, “This really made me think of you.”

There’s a deluge of new titles nowadays, and more and more people are getting into reading. Whichever genre your loved ones are into – whether sci-fi, fantasy or non-fiction – you can surely find one that fits their taste.  Do watch out for deals as popular titles are, at times, offered on discounted prices.

For starters, nevertheless, it is worth noting that more than titles and authors, packaging is a key element to make the whole gesture of book giving special. A touch of creativity never fails – that’s a fact. Here are some tips to make not only your gift, but also your packaging, stand out.

Gift Packaging

Be Playful.

As much as possible, make your packaging relatable to the recipient’s personality. That is, of course, unless it you are wrapping it as corporate giveaway. For instance, if you’re thinking of giving it to your sister who loves fashion more than anything else, wrap the book as a folded cardigan in her favorite color. It is quite easy to do – you will only need a white base cover for the inner wear, and a colored glossy paper for the actual cardigan. These materials come cheap, and you can find both in your local bookstore. Although simple, this distinctive packaging idea surely works and provides a special kind of “Awww!” effect.

Use Recycled Materials in Packaging.

Sometimes, all you need to do is scour your drawers for leftover scrapbook elements that you can put together, to make your packaging fun and memorable. Not only is this eco-friendly, but also saves you from the cost of buying ready-made specialty wrappers. Depending on what’s available, you can use newspaper, magazine or plain paper for the cover, to be accentuated with pins, bows, hand curled laces or ribbons. Washi tapes are also a cost-efficient alternative to jazz up your packaging. Remember though that if you’re wrapping a series of books, design should be uniform across all, and they should be bound together carefully.

Thinking of giving a cookbook? Wrapping it in a dishcloth tied in a ribbon and topped with a wooden spoon makes it a cute, quirky gift that appeals to anyone.

Wooden Spoon Packaging

Leave a Note

If you are feeling a bit sentimental, you can attach a small greeting card to your gift. Make your message short and sweet for easy appreciation. And, to make it more personal, write your note longhand rather than printing it. You can use paper doilies or vintage sheets for a classic vibe. Lastly, so you don’t leave the note dangling on the side, come up with a personalized cardholder in in-season colors. You can use mesh, fabric or plain paper cut with pinky scissors – just make sure it jives with the overall theme, and you don’t overdo the design.