Essential Packaging Tools and Resources for Startups


One of the most important branding techniques that businesses—no matter how big or small—should consider is product packaging. And if you want to improve your startup business gradually with the help of the best packaging solutions, there are essential tools and resources you have to know.

Packaging is not simply all about carton boxes, but there are factors that would make it a total package such as the strength of the item being packed, the weight, the item’s value, and whether the packed item is subjected to moisture and other adverse conditions. It is important too that the packaging you provide can protect the product you are representing especially when they are transported to your valued customers.

Here are the latest tools, resources, and supplies useful in the packaging industry

  1. Battery Powered Strapping Tools. To boost productivity, decrease waste, and protect packaging loads, battery-powered strapping tools that come in various sizes and functions are useful for plastic strapping.
  1. Manual Strapping Tools. A variety of handheld packaging tools are designed for flat and round package loads with limited areas. The tools come in strap cutters, sealers, front and side action tensioners, stretch film applicators, and more.
  1. High-Performance Automatic Strapping Equipment. There are huge machines that work for bigger packaging tasks, and these are the high-performance automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines.
  1. Labelers. To provide packaged items with clean and presentable labels, you do not have to do it manually because there are automatic and semi-automatic label applicators and label printers that are available in the packaging market.
  1. Carton Sealers. The packaging industry has a lot of heavy-duty tapes with flexible tape heads that can handle various lightweight to heavyweight boxes and other reliable carton-sealing applications.
  1. Carton Formers. Companies nowadays can make their packaging more efficient with the help of case erector or carton formers.
  1. Gummed Tape Dispensers. Packaging wouldn’t be complete without the tape dispensers. These are reliable and easy to use, and there are various choices that are suitable for light to high-volume packaging.
  1. Shrink Machines. These are shrink sealers useful for tight sealing and for keeping moisture out of the items.


  1. Pallets. These are durable wooden and plastic pallets of different sizes that are useful for forklift applications in warehouses after being transported by cargo trucks.
  1. Thermoformed. This packaging tool is molded into the shape of the product that it holds. It includes vacuum-formed trays and blisters that are able to slide into other materials.
  1. Foam. This product is placed in the corners of boxes to protect glass and furniture during transport.
  1. Film. This can be brought in rolls and used to make bags, bubble wraps, tubes and other packaging materials.
  1. Textile. This custom-made packaging supply is used to protect car parts and other accessories during transportation.
  1. Bulk Drums. These drums are useful for merchandisers and industrialists to protect bulk product quantities.
  1. Bubble Wrap. The air bubble serve as effective cushioning and highly effective for protecting fragile products.