Drinking Feast for the Eyes: Packaging Trends for Popular Beverages

Personal Bottle

How do consumers decide on which product or brand to buy? What drives the shoppers to purchase a relatively new brand and choose it over another? That moment of decision-making during purchase is what makes packaging critical because it largely influences the buyer through great visuals. This in turn makes them think that the product has been carefully and thoughtfully produced to appeal to them.

In the alcoholic drinks and beverage industry, the conventional way of packaging these drinks in bottles has highly evolved into different variations to either catch up with or set the latest trends for the consumers’ ever-shifting tastes. You will see how the industry has grown from below list of creative packaging prevalent within the industry today.

Feeling a Drink

Mixed Emotions uses catch-phrases in their containers and different colors for each bottle depending on which “mood” the customer is in. It also utilizes the sleek and tall glass bottle design and easy-to-drink lid to satisfy their customer’s demands.

Mixed Emotions Packaging

A Toast to Culture

Cultural and classy, this Turkish wine mainly targets tourists and its unique packaging makes it both exciting to taste and also interesting to buy as a souvenir item. The bottles are “clothed” with a Kaftan of an Ottoman Sultan which is handcrafted with the use of original textiles to make this stunning piece a sure buy for travelers.

Packaging Bottles

Wicked Design

A cool and masterful way to package a beverage is by featuring artistic elements into it. Wicked combines tattoo art with an energy drink’s usual caffeine and taurine to bring out the drinker’s energy and “wicked” side. The dragon tattoo design is from Sydney tattoo artist Kian Forreal to add authenticity in its packaging. Based on the brand’s vision, more tattoo artists will be lending their skills in future releases of this energy drink as part of its collectible packaging range.

Energy Drink

Personal Branding

For alcoholic drinks, some brands put a personal touch and use it as the selling point for their products like the Let It Grow wine bottles which have hand-drawn illustrations while the Boarding Pass Shiraz uses the boarding pass format to indicate information about the wine. There are also others which target a particular feature that it must absolutely show in its packaging like Elk and Wolf Chardonnay’s aluminum bottle which is necessary to carry out the brand’s goal to serve their wine very cold.

Personal Bottle

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Step Up

Non-alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, also have a wide array of packaging designs which are carried out based on the brand’s target market. Soda brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Jones Soda Co., and Lotte are usually in cans or bottles which allow them to add any designs as they see fit and some of them are even used to promote an artist’s works. Fruit drinks like Innocent, Sola Squeeze, Birdy Juice and Jooze either add actual fruit images or use fruit slice design in their packaging. Surprisingly, even mineral water packaging has become more aggressive in upping its designs with cool-looking glass bottles like Northern Spring’s to compete with other types of beverages.

Water Packaging

Packaging can be the product’s redeeming factor or its downfall, which is why it is very important to be creative but at the same time, be focused on what the product is aiming to achieve.