Cues to Packing Fragrance

Perfume Reposado Packaging

Health and beauty products should be packaged in a way that lives up to their propositions. This is particularly true since most, if not all, of these products cater to progressive, fashion forward sophisticates who have a razor sharp sense of aesthetics. It may be funny, but some women actually buy beauty products based on the packaging alone. This just proves that having a visually pleasing overall design is essential, as it has the power to cash in a purchase in snap.

While health products tend to be clinical in terms of packaging, beauty products take on lively illustrations and colorful designs. Nevertheless, both capitalize on their unique selling proposition, and are very transparent by showcasing their active ingredients. Common battlegrounds include whitening, general skin care, personal grooming and cosmetics.

One of the most competitive vanity products in terms of packaging is perfume. There are literally hundreds of brands to choose from, and manufacturers are aggressively securing a share of the scent lovers’ pie through improved formulation and design innovation. Nevertheless, the demand for perfume is always high, most especially for premium eu de parfums. It is quite ironic how everyone – women and men alike – are big fans of branded perfumes despite their relatively high price tag. This indicates that perfume is considered an essential lifestyle product, so much so that even empty bottles make for classy home adornments.

Perfume Reposado Packaging

When coming up with a packaging design initiative for your own perfume brand, it is important to determine the playing field it will enter. The high-end market is already dominated by big designer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, among others. Unless you are tasked to do a design overhaul for any of these brands, it is best to get into the mid-end market and tailor fit your design to suit the taste of mid income working professionals.

Below are three packaging tips to consider before working on your design.

Uniqueness. Anything that has been seen before will not turn heads – at least not anymore.  Don’t limit your imagination to the conventional way of packaging perfumes, and think of a better method to stand out from the clutter. Remember that your product will sit beside more established competitor brands, and your only way to go above them is through a more iconic design. Since you will be grouped together, however, it is best to stay within the usual package dimensions.

Fragance Packaging

Fragrance. This is already a given, but uniqueness should not stop at merely having enticing physical characteristics. Based on study, people tend to purchase perfumes that have subtle yet long lasting scent. Proper formulation should be observed to avoid staining and burning effects.

Elegance. Regardless of the market you are trying to reach, one of the things perfume communicates is elegance. Since men and women may have different views on this, it is better not to package your perfume as a unisex brand. Create a variant specific to males and another to females, and package them relative to each gender’s elegance perspective.