Common But Highly Effective Tips for Clothes and Fashion Packaging


If you are looking forward to relocate to a new place, to travel to a holiday destination, or to give a gift of clothes that are of the latest fashion trends to someone, there are tips you can apply for a wrinkle-free garment packaging.


This is one of the classic expert methods that is space-saving and wrinkle-reducing, but it depends on the garment and luggage type you will be using. If you will be carrying duffel bags or carry-on totes, then rolling is suitable for packaging clothes. But clothes that should be rolled are stretchy knit fabrics, T-shirts, light sweaters, jerseys, and jeans.

To roll pants, fold it in half lengthwise, and its back pockets should face outward. Roll from the cuffs to the pants’ waistband. With regard to rolling dresses or straight skirts, fold the sleeve of the dress backward, fold the whole garment in half lengthwise, and roll from the lowest part up. Winter down jackets have to be zipped and rolled the same way. Make sure to let the air out, and secure it using strings or rubber bands.

rubber bands


This technique is appropriate if you want to put clothes and stuff in structured suitcases. So, if you have wrinkle-prone fabrics like rayon, silk, and linen, then this packaging method is the best to apply. The same thing goes for tailored clothes like woven skirts, jackets, trousers and dress shirts.

To fold a dress shirt, lay a buttoned-up shirt flat and with the front or upper surface downward. Put a magazine below the collar, and while using its edge as a guide, fold the right side of the dress shirt. Position the arm straight down and side by side to the body. Fold the low part so that the hem reaches the shoulders. Get the magazine out from the top.


This strategy requires layering of clothes, and it applies to people who hate wrinkled clothing. In order to bundle, organize your clothes first, each garment should be buttoned, zipped, and put faceup. To bundle your clothes, use a core or packaging cube. Garments that get easily wrinkled should be bundled first, but to keep them balanced, lay tops and short dresses vertically while bottoms and long dresses horizontally. Wrap each garment around the core by starting from the top of the pile.

bag packaging

Delicate Packaging

If you are wondering about how to pack your undies and lingerie well, use some budget-friendly mesh laundry bags that are lightweight and made of nylon. Stow your fashion undergarments here. For your socks, roll it up and place them inside shoes or put them in gaps in your luggage.

Original Packaging

Preferring chic clothes to be packed in its original cardboard or plastic is also a good packaging choice. Especially if you are giving fashion items to someone, you can present a stylish box that is made from materials contemporary packaging. This way, your accessories, shirts, sportswear and accessories will be neatly packed.