Clever Packaging Ideas That Will Make Your Day.

Packaging with watches
Festina Watches Packaging

We are bombarded by countless products practically everyday of our lives that they start failing to catch our attention. We begin to think they are all the same and do not really offer something new. But with packaging designs getting more creative and wittier, the age of boring logos and traditional packages have come to an end and this list of clever packaging ideas shows you how.

  1. Toscatti colours.

Packaging by Toscatti

Stainless steel food containers found new life in this vibrant design by Anagrama, a brand intelligence group based in Mexico. The team utilized a common hardware fixture which is pantones. The products now easily stand out among shelves of steel and since they have a wide range of sizes, the package has helped in distinguishing each one. This is functional fun in every sense.

  • Spine Vodka.

Packaging Vodka
Spine Vodka

What began as a private project by German designer Johannes Schulz is now a brilliant piece of work. The 3D design just sets this vodka apart from all its counterparts and could may very well be a conversation piece. Its literal take on the brand makes it astoundingly twisted, truthful, and intriguing while maintaining its high end appeal.

  • Festina Watches, creativity with water.

Packaging with watches
Festina Watches

If there is a product that proves itself without having to say anything, it’s definitely these Festina watches that are literally floating in water, it could trigger your hydrophobia. This ingenious work by Scholz and Friends is filled with distilled water and has certainly created a new standard for packaging that certainly drowns any suspicion of its good quality.

  • Thelma’s.

Packaging for Thelma's

Easily one of the homiest designs that reminds you of your innocent childhood, Thelma’s is a mother and son cookie delivery business that has decided on a box that makes you feel just a little bit mushy inside. The cookies are baked daily and are delivered fresh right at your doorstep. Thelma is actually a real person who famous for her snickerdoodle cookies in Iowa. The new package was launched in honor of her 108th birthday.

  • Morrisons, love in a cup.

Packaging for Morrison Supermarkets
Teabags Morrisons

Teabags have never been quirkier and more love struck.  Morrisons, supermarket chain in the UK, utilized this design to reintroduce a low-priced product into an expensive looking and high value one.  It tugs on every tea bag lover’s heartstrings with its romantic tags and handwritten type of typography. It is one of those designs that is so personalized, it feels that it is made just for you.

  • Smirnoff Caipiroska

Creative job for Smirnoff
Smirnoff Creative


This is a brilliant design that incorporates freshness, flavor, and a dramatic way to unveil the product. Smirnoff has outdone the liquor industry’s obsession over innovation and style. Executed by New York based J. Walter Thompson, the bottles tells the liquor’s flavor right from the color of the bottle. It is interactive, fun, and simply ingenious.

  • H&M Gift Packaging.

Creative Package for H&M
H&M Creative

H&M is one of the top retail chains in the world and coming up with this gift package concept by Linn Gustafson added a quirky and personalized freshness to the usual red and white plastic bags. The collared shirt design strongly represents what the brand is about and it makes the products more delightful to give as presents.